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Hi all,

What is going on with diesel ?!?!

I need to tow a caravan and dont see any other alternatives to a diesel car.....

Am I correct in thinking that if I was to purchase a 2016 registration plate '66' diesel car:

1.) - It will be Euro 6 compliant, as this was brought in from September 2015, therefore avoiding some of the charges London etc are bringing in.

2.) - I will also avoid paying the flat rate £150 annual tax, as this only came in April 2017.

Your thoughts would be much appreciated :)

''Diesel'' Towing caravan - RobJP

Yes, it would be Euro 6 compliant.

As to the car tax bands, it might be more advantageous to have a later '17' plated car, as these have a fixed car tax of £140 per annum. Though if the list price of the car when new was £40k or more then they also pay an additional £310 per annum for the first 5 years.

So a high CO2 4*4, if registered in 2016, would pay annual car tax based on it's CO2 - so potentially up £515 per annum. Whereas, if it was registered after the change and is on a '17' plate, then it would only pay £140 per annum.

Confused yet ? Here's a guide.


''Diesel'' Towing caravan - Robsnextcar

So if I was Looking at say for example a 2.0TDI Skoda Octavia Estate then it would be better to get a "2016 Plate". If I was looking at say a Kia Sportage 4wd then it would be better to get a "2017 Plate"


''Diesel'' Towing caravan - veloceman
Just make sure it’s registered after 1st April ‘17.
''Diesel'' Towing caravan - RobJP
Just make sure it’s registered after 1st April ‘17.

Yes. Just to confuse people in the future, the DVLA introduced the changes a month after the '17' plate came out.

So a '17' plate can be on either system. Only way to check is via the V5 or go to



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