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Picking up the Toyota on the 01/12/17 . It's from a neighbour who has it serviced on a regular basis & generally looks after it; is in good condition with 68K on the clock.

In terms of oil, Toyota recommend a viscosity 5W - 30, though no specific guidance on semi or fully synthetic. The present owner doesn't know what oil has been used in the past.

There seems to be a debate on line as to semi or fully synthetic oil, for this engine; with some saying fully synthetic will lead to increased oil consumption.

Any thoughts?

Toyota RAV4 2005 D4D - Which Oil? - madf

Always use the best you can afford in oil. So sythetic. Stories of increased oil consumption were true for 1990s cars.. The world has moved on since then..

Our Yaris D4D (2003 ) uses synthetic 5w-30 despite Toyota's specification in 2001-2 of semi synthetic. Oil consumption has remained unchanged in the 12 years we have owned it - negligible.

Toyota RAV4 2005 D4D - Which Oil? - chesterfieldhouse

Thank you - fully synthetic it is then.


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