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Hi all,

I had a new battery fitted about a year ago now (so its relatively new). Recently every day on ignition it seems to struggle to start (which it does, but sounds a bit pathetic). On colder days it struggles even more, abt a week ago it didnt start the engine at all (the glowplugs came on) but with a bit of persuasion from the revs it did eventually. I had a part fitted to the exhaust yesterday and the mechanic said my battery was low on charge. So i believe the battery is losing charge and is not being charged properly when driving (i do drive it regularly).

What could be causing this?

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It sounds like one of three real possibilities (or possibly a combination of them)

1. The alternator is not charging the battery fully whilst the car is in use. This could be a failing alternator, or even the belt slipping.

2. There is some electrical component which is continuing to draw charge when the car is parked up.

3. If your mileage is very low, then the car isn't getting the use it needs to keep tha battery charged up.

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I assume the car is a diesel engine model.Are you syre the correct spec battery has been fitted? Check the CCA rating on the battery.Also what make battery has been fitted?

Toyota Aygo - Battery Problems - Pendlelad

Sorry i didnt reply earlier. Thanks v. Much for your replies. I think it must be the alternator then, i dont have any electricical quipment left on in the car and use it daily. Battery should still be under guarantee so i will ring the same garage.


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Quick tip to check your alternator is working ok (assuming you dont have a multimeter). With the engine running switch on lights heated screen heater blower etc. Rev the engine and see if the lights get a bit brighter. If they do than this means your alternator is almost certainly healthy.

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Sounds most likely to be the alternator - worn brushes maybe

Check it yourself - all you need is a 15 quid multimeter

Bear in mind the battery warranty will be no good to you if the alternator is failing!


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