Bargain motor for, err, umm,....somebody - badbusdriver

Do your motoring requirements fit these parameters?

A, You have a VERY small budget.

B, You like wearing a top hat when driving.

C, You don't mind people pointing and laughing, or being subject to ridicule in general.

If so, i have found just the thing!

Yesterday i was driving along a road i use regular and spotted a Perodua kenari at the side of the road, with a hand written 'for sale' ticket on the windscreen. Coming along the same road from the opposite direction today, i slowed down slightly to get a better look at the car and ticket. The car looked in very good condition other than missing a wheel trim, and the price?, £120!. Unfortunately i couldn't read anything else on the ticket, but i'd have to assume little or no MOT at that price, but even so, i'm tempted, for amusement if nothing else. Here is a picture for those (in fairness, probably most of you) who don't know what the kenari looks like:

It is essentially a rebadged daihatsu move with a slightly bigger engine (1l instead of 850cc). I drove a few of the daihatsu versions while working at a car and van hire company which happened to share premises with a daihatsu dealer, in both manual and automatic form, and thought they were highly amusing. But i suppose i am a bit weird in my car taste!. I like cars which are small and light, i like cars which make you smile, i like cars which are odd, and i like 3 cyl engines, so this ticks many boxes! I have to admit though, with that size, proportions and weight, crosswinds WILL be nerve racking!

Bargain motor for, err, umm,....somebody - SLO76
I love cheapo bargain bucket motoring like this, I've ran several of them over the years. None of these were trade ins, all were bought as my own transport in typical motor trade style I hate losing money on motors.

A 99 T Fiesta 1.25 LX I bought for £300 with nearly no Mot passed me the other day there, nearly 6yrs after I flogged it for £495. Cost me nowt for 6mths motoring and it's still going.

A 99 V Mondeo 1.8 LX I bought with 65k and a glovebox full of receipts for £300 then travelled almost 4,000 miles round Europe. Flogged for £300 it to another couple of chaps who were off to Venice on another banger challenge which it survived.

A 01 X Ford Cougar V6, paid £300 with two weeks Mot. It flew through without a single advisory then I flogged it 6mths later for £825.

99 T Toyota Avensis 1.8 SE with one owner bought for £1250 and ran without fault for three years then flogged to a friend for £850, she then ran it for another 3yrs or so before it died.

99 T Mazda MX5 bought for £1475 then flogged for £1,600 after 2yrs of B road fun

Running a car can be dirt cheap if you don't care about fashion or image.

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