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Hi Just been told its running on three cylinders is that the glow plug thats not working or is it more than this its diesel there are no signs of overheating or moisture in the oil so I'm sure theres no leaking head or other gaskits. Is anyone interested in doing a swap I;ve heard you can offset on a new vehicle with an old diesel car? Thanks for reading

FIAT Stilo - ROugh Running - Big John

Presume you mean the diesel scrappage schemes :

The problem with many of these you can't combine discounts and you can sometimes get the same level (or more) of discounts without using scrappage

FIAT Stilo - ROugh Running - hardway

On that engine the glow plugs are ONLY concerned with initial start up from cold.

b***** all to do with running once started.

I'd be checking for a failed/blocked injector.

And once found they're re conditionable by a diesel injector specialist.


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