- glidermania
LOL! "Are drivers being fined for exceeding these speed limits" (based on environmental \ air quality criteria)?

Erm, the clue is in the "speed limit" bit. It doesnt matter why there is a speed limit. It is the speed that should not be exceeded, you dont get to be the arbitrator of whether the "speed limit" is valid or not.
- hew751
Ref Electric Avenue
We've a 13 plate Jazz Hybrid which is a great, roomy and very reliable car used for mainly town and local running about but expect 45mpg in real world use!
- daveyjp
The Inginium DPF system appears no different to the disastrous one fitted to the X type 2.2 diesel auto which was introduced towards the end of the production run.

Mine would regen not only on mileage, but also on engine starts and restarts. Living in a house with a single drive I often had to move one car to get the other out and this meant very regular regens. Every regen reduced the oil change mileage and after 18 months at a time when I was doing 15-20,000 a year it had fallen to just 6,000 miles due to oil contamination.

Its a system which really isn’t fit unless you are doing many tens of thousands a year.

- kiwichas
It is fairly rare for DPF's to passively regenerate as due to speed limits and congestion 40-70 mph for prolonged periods is rare.
I have a Mazda 6 diesel which actively regenerates at 100-180 mile intervals, oddly sometimes more so on open road driving than around town.
Naturally the oil level rises diluting the lubricant by possibly 20% after 6000miles which is dodgy for long-life.
So it gets changed every 3000miles or twice yearly.
Mazda NZ recommends 6 monthly or 6000 mile changes whichever comes first.I note recommended intervals are much longer in the UK for all vehicles.
Could you ask if JLR or other purveyors of DPF's advise their customers not to buy diesels unless they are constantly towing horsefloats at high speed?
- jchinuk
Re Digging for Victory, The writers appear to misunderstand the process that manufacturers undertake when choosing production plants. As it has been explained to me factories within a company 'bid' for the work to build the new vehicle, things like productivity and taxes will have a greater weight than whether the home market buys the cars or vans. There is a much chance a new BMW is built in South Carolina or South Africa as Bavaria. It's a result of globalisation, Fords are often the 'best selling cars' in the UK, yet Ford build no cars in the UK any more and have not for a few years.

- jchinuk
With regard to the DPF clearing issue.
I don't have a diesel at the moment, I only do around 2000miles a year at the moment, but I had Golf with an EU4 lump in the past and w's very happy with once I got it off the two year servicing routine.
Anyway, I have read a lot of questions and answers on the traumas of running a car with DPF fitted. Perhaps I am missing the point or some vital aspect, but if the warning light appears, suggesting that the DPF needs attention, is the driver obliged to go on a 30 min run at reasonable speed? If so, is it not encouraging drivers to burn more fuel to 'clean' the filter at least partly negating the fuel saved on the past 500miles?
Can you avoid this by always making sure you drive 25miles up the local motorway to Aunt Vera every week? or is it enough to visit her monthly?
- m5rcc
Isn't the Kadjar built in Palencia, Spain, where they also make the Megane?

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