Grand scenic 1.9 DCI 2004 - Clutch issues - Renaultdriverman

So while taking a drive today the clutch pedal went to the floor and didn't return. After calling the AA he said its most likely the clutch has gone. Renault have quoted us £900 all in. Now after being recovered to the garage the recovery driver noticed a huge puddle of fluid on the bed of the truck. Turns out to be brake clutch fluid. I got in to release the handbrake and it came up with a brake fault. Are the brake and clutch the same? I mean do they use the same fluid? What's the chances of a hose coming loose and it not being the clutch? We had the steering column replaced and only picked the car up at 12 today for it to be back in at 4

Grand scenic 1.9 DCI 2004 - Clutch issues - RichardW

Not familiar with this particular set up, but it's quite common for cars to have shared brake / clutch fluid reservior. So, a fault on the clutch could drain the reservoir so that the low brake fluid light comes on. Hopefully it's an external hose and not a concentric slave that gone, as that entatils removing the gearbox....

Grand scenic 1.9 DCI 2004 - Clutch issues - Renaultdriverman

Thanks Richard.

I hope to hear back from Renault over the next day or so to tell me what the damage will be. Best case it's just a loose hose. Worst case new clutch.

Grand scenic 1.9 DCI 2004 - Clutch issues - hardway

Your brake fault is more than likely the master fluid level sensor.

And the cause is most likely the clutch concentric slave cylinder has gone.

This usually means pedal goes to the floor and doesn't return.

At the very least it's gearbox out for inspetion.


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