Speed Camera fine - RSNitrous
Wife was in hospital with a serious chest infection.

At 2.00am the hospital rang me to say she was having trouble breathing and to come to hospital.
As we were travelling there I passed a number of speed cameras that I know and drove accordingly.

One in particular at a set of signals flashed as I went through on green. I couldn't believe it but I think it was a dual speed camera and red light camera in one box.

The limit was 40 but I had increased to about 50 with nothing on the road at that point.
We got to the hospital but she had sadly died.

She died alone.

Now with all the grieving I now have the prospect of receiving a NIP.
Could I contest this for the situation we were in, and would they show some leniency?
Speed Camera fine - FP

So sorry to hear about all this.

Perhaps you could try to take things one step at a time - difficult with everything that has happened, I know. You don't know you will get a NIP, so try not to fret about it yet.

If it does arrive, I think you will have to go to court to be able to argue your case for leniency, so that means refusing any offer of a fixed penalty and points. I've no idea how a court would approach this sort of case.

Maybe others can advise.

Speed Camera fine - Avant

I am so sorry to hear about your wife. Please accept deepest sympathy on behalf of us all on here.

If you get a NIP you could write back politely admitting you were the driver and explaining the situation. Someone has to make a decision as to whether to prosecute, and you have to hope that a decent human being (which the great majority of police officers are) is the one making the decision.

Best of luck.

Speed Camera fine - Palcouk

Sorry to hear of your loss.

I had a similar problem many years ago, when my Father passed, mine were parking tickets, I wrote explaining the situation, they canceled the tickets

Speed Camera fine - RSNitrous
Thanks guys for your support and understanding. I will let you know what happens.
Speed Camera fine - nellyjak

First of all...my sincere sympathies.

But I hope you have more luck than I did in a similar situation.

My Father-in-law was bluelighted into a city general hospital at 1 a.m (suspected coronary)....we got "the call" I took my wife immediately to the hospital....quickly, but taking into consideration speed limits etc.

I passed several going into the city...all ok..and then I missed ONE.!...doing 36 in a 30mph area..no traffic...no pedestrians.

I got the ticket of course and decided to appeal giving details all details/explanations I could.

Waste of time...they simply rejected it citing about duty to other road users (there weren't any!!!)..and I paid up and got my endorsement which for the next few years increased my (and my wife's) insurance premium.

No sympathy, understanding or leniency there at all.

ps..thankfully my FIL recovered.

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Speed Camera fine - RSNitrous
Appears no matter the circumstance they take the stance rules is rules.

As of today, it's been two weeks since my wife passed, and have not received a fine. Can only think the guy going in the opposite direction, who appeared to my son to be going quick, triggered the flash. Or maybe I was just fortunate.

Thanks again for all your replies at this difficult time.
Speed Camera fine - FP

Thanks for looking in again - too often new posters post once then disappear.

I have noticed some speed cameras flash even when a vehicle is travelling within the speed limit, so even flashing is not much of an indication you've been caught. And some cameras continue to be non-recording even when they flash.

So it's probably best to concentrate on all the other things you no doubt have to do, as you can't change the outcome anyway and may indeed be fortunate.

Speed Camera fine - gordonbennet


The very best to you for the future, it was good of you to come back and update the thread and we hope you'll hear nothing from the road policing unit about this, none of us expected you of all posters to remember to update.

Speed Camera fine - concrete

Well said GB. A really sad case indeed. Nothing worse than having misery compounded by 'jobsworth thinking' bt officialdom. Hope it all goes your way nitrous.

Cheers Concrete

Speed Camera fine - Middleman

Just a thought - you are the Registered Keeper, aren't you? It's not a leased or company car. Also, I assume the address on the V5C is correct and you haven't moved or recently purchased the car? Any of these could mean the first NIP (the only one subject to the 14 day rule) may have gone elsewhere.

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Speed Camera fine - RSNitrous
Yes registered keeper from new.
Address on V5 correct.
Still at same address when I purchased car.
I'm not a one off poster, just changed the name over the years, and recognise the respondents above as the old hands.
Cheers guys.
Speed Camera fine - Middleman

Seems you may have avoided a penalty then. Good result under the circumstances.


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