Giulia Quatrofoglio 2.9 litre V6. - Alfa Romeo Giulia - beershark
I plan to buy one of the above shortly. My problem is that the px I will offer is so rare ( an Alfa Romeo 156 GTA Selespeed Sportwagon. With only eight Selespeed GTA's currently known to the DVLA and I don't know how many are saloons or Sportwagons ) that it is impossible to know what value to put upon it. There is a saloon version currently being offered for sale at £22 k,
but that seems to be a tad optimistic. Any other GTA 156 owners out there with a feel for the market ?
Giulia Quatrofoglio 2.9 litre V6. - Alfa Romeo Giulia - csgmart

Can't help with your question but I like your choice of car.

I've test driven the Veloce which 'only' has 280 BHP and that was a blast. The Quatrofogolio must be insane. Not cheap though but Alfa do give you decent discounts on new cars.

Giulia Quatrofoglio 2.9 litre V6. - Alfa Romeo Giulia - SLO76
I was about to tell you your car isn't worth much with 156's of this vintage, even nice examples selling for peanuts then I had a quick look at others for sale and there's two on Autotrader right now one a Sportwagen like yours at £9,500 and another a saloon at £9995!!! The £23k figure you mention is insanity.

To a main dealer however it is just an old Alfa and one with a trouble prone gearbox at that. They'll offer buttons for it I'll bet, in fact I've a feeling you're going to be horrified. It's too old and risky for them to retail and at a typical disposal auction it'll be again just another old Alfa that dealers are too wary to pay more than banger money for. The only way you'll get decent money for it is to sell it privately and even at that it'll sit for a while with very few people willing to sink more than £2k into a 156 these days even one with a big engine.

Let us know how you get on at the dealer, I'm curious how they'll value it. It really is a difficult one. Nice car the new Giulia, getting great reviews but I think you'll see crippling depreciation once they start filtering into the used market as with all Alfa's, it's a purchase of passion not of rational thought.

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Giulia Quatrofoglio 2.9 litre V6. - Alfa Romeo Giulia - badbusdriver

1st thing i'd say is i think you need to be asking on a more specialist forum.

But, as SLO pointed out, of the 2 156GTA's currently for sale on autotrader, 1 is £9.5k, the other is a fiver short of £10k, so £23k does seem a tad optimistic!. Having said that, while looking on ebay the other day, i came across a 1998 landrover defender with a price tag of £36995, so anything is possible!.

Even if, as i am assuming, you are buying the guila from an Alfa dealer, i think it would be unlikely that they offer you anything like what you are expecting. So if that is the case, you should look into selling it yourself. Advertise the car in Auto Italia magazine, or if you have a tight schedule, get in touch with some Alfa specialists such as Alfaholics, even though they may not be interested in buying the car, they may be able to point you in the right direction. I also looked at veloces of London website. They have 2 147 GTA's around £14-15k, so that may be somewhere else worth trying.

Good luck though!.

PS, for the record, if there is nothing wrong with the 156, i'd keep it!

Giulia Quatrofoglio 2.9 litre V6. - Alfa Romeo Giulia - SLO76
"PS, for the record, if there is nothing wrong with the 156, i'd keep it!"

I love the 156, especially early twin spark cars minus daft body kits and fat wheels. Been tempted more than once but never had the guts to buy one when they were newish and never taken one as a part ex since. These will become classics, the car that turned Alfa around. Shame they didn't keep up the momentum, the 159 was too heavy and used Vauxhall Vectra engines. It was pretty but soulless.
Giulia Quatrofoglio 2.9 litre V6. - Alfa Romeo Giulia - badbusdriver

Years ago i had a neighbour who had a silver 156 (2.5V6), i used to admire it all the time, or at least up till he changed it for a renault clio!.

Yeah, Alfa really hit a high point with the looks of the 156 (they hadn't managed to make such a good looking car since the alfasud sprint, imo), such a simple elegant well proportioned shape, as was the sportwagon (who cared if it's boot wasn't very big!). And i totally agree regarding body kits, especially that hideous high level rear spoiler you got for the saloon.


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