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Seat alhambra tdi , lossing water , refill every other day , pressure test carried out , expansion bottle , was replaced as , air release sound was comming , did pressure test , after fitting now showed no loss of pressure , after one one day , same problem , loss of water , changed thermostat , still have same problem loss of water . Their is no sign of water leak , looked usual places , looked under footwell , passenger side , no wet carpet or water leak. I have put head gasket sealer , still loss of water , water is clear and clean when I look in the expansion tank any advice

SEAT Alhambra tdi - Water loss - hardway

I'd do a block dye test.

The tool is cheap enough on ebay.

If the colour of the fluid changes you have a combustion chamber problem.

See it done on youtube just punch in block test.

SEAT Alhambra tdi - Water loss - Peter.N.

You probably loosing coolant through the header tank overflow or filler cap, look around the cap for any white streaks down the tank, you could place a recepticle under the end ot the overflow pipe to see if that's where the coolant is going, if it is you probably have a leaking head gasket but it only blows the coolant out when under pressure i.e. when climping a steep hill or accelerating hard.


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