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Hi I am seeking advice . i m not sure where to turn to or what to do. We have bought a brand new 67 plate dacia stempway on the 8th of September 2017.took it back to garage on 9th if sep cause back bumper small round plastic clip was hanging off, car came back to us with chip on bumper as well as bumper being out of alignment . 10th sep heared loud rattling on engine, and when car was idoling when car stationary the speedometer was bouncing between 10mph. Spoke to garage , booked in for the 14.9.17 . car got taken in on the 14th, garage said if it continues a new speedometer will need to be put in , the car came out of the garage with a bump to side passenger door. Really wasn't happy so I spoke to the manager who booked it in on the 19th September to have all new parts bumper, speedometer, passenger door, and also the stop start and CD player was switching itself off, so the garage said they will look at this ( after many phone calls and wasted days they finally agreed to do the work) on 19th sep 11 days after buying car, m y new car was picked up taken to the garage . i told the management team I was extremely unhappy and had phoned customer services to make a complaint . I filled out a dacia servay which dacia had sent me in an email, and I had a phone call on the 20.9.17 from the dealership to say they were no longer going to do the work on the car as I had filled out a dacia servay scoring them low. I was shocked to say the least ,I phoned head office who were motified and phoned the dealership to say they have to fix the car , and the surveys are there for customers to give they're honest opinion. We had our new car given back to us on the 29.9.17 with all works done. We have had the car for two days , the speedometer is still moving when idoling . I have been to the garage , manager isn't there so I have asked he give me a ring tomorrow. I am so fed up ... I was looking forward to a brand new car and that's all I've had is stress. Can you please advise me, ? Im thinking about rejecting the car?

2017 dacia stepway - Car rejection - RobJP

My advice is to reject it, as per your CRA (2015) legal rights.

Sounds like you've got a lemon.

Unfortunately, you can't let it go on any further, as your initial rejection rights run out after a month, and you're then into the phase of them being allowed to make a 'reasonable deduction' for the use you've had.

2017 dacia stepway - Car rejection - Bromptonaut

What Rob says. You need to act quickly as time is fast running out. The dealer WILL try and fob you off but you must stick to your guns.


Or ring CA consumer helpline 03454 04 05 06


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