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Hi all, you've helped me out before so thought I'd try again before that inevitable expensive trip to the garage.

V70 1.6D e 2009 on a 59 plate Vin is YV1BW7652A1145758

Car had a major service about two months ago and has done approx. 3k since then with a good mix of town, country and motorway. Most is country roads as we are reasonably rural and journeys are rarely less than 8 miles long. Total mileage is 120K

Felt a lack of power as I tried to pull away from a junction, looked down to see the message Engine system failure maint required urgent. I was heading to school to grab the little one so continued. Car entered limp mode and RPM was limited to 3k, as I slowed at the next junction it cut out and stopped. Started again a couple of mins later but cut out again another 4 times before I made it home, each time as I throttled off and slowed.

Fuel light was on and range meter was dashed out eg - - - - - - - - - - BUT I HAD FUEL

After the first shut down the engine has a "miss fire"

grabbing my OBDii reader I got the codes in the title.



Misfire Detected with Low Fuel

P2458 - Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration Duration

P115A - Low Fuel Level - Forced Limited Power

P115B - Low Fuel Level - Forced Engine Shutdown

I've put an additional 20 ltrs of fuel in it with no change, fuel light still on range dashed.

The codes will not clear using the OBDii tool.

I feel this combination of codes must come up together a fare bit as it seems it’s a regular search term however I can’t find anything specific about the combination only individual codes.

The engine continues to miss fire rythmicly every half second or so.

Any Ideas???

Thank you

Volvo V70 - 1.6D OBDii codes P115a P115b P0313 & P2458 - RobJP

No idea on the diagnostics, but the symptoms sound like classic EGR valve sticking.

Has the DPF ever been changed ? Because if not, then at 120k miles it's probably pretty well worn out too.

Volvo V70 - 1.6D OBDii codes P115a P115b P0313 & P2458 - Railroad.

You say you have fuel, the fuel sender unit says you don't. Which one do you think the ECM will believe? The ECM will not initiate the DPF regeneration process unless there is sufficient fuel in the tank, and also limp mode may be activated to prevent damage to the fuel pump and injectors. I think you may have answered your own question here. Check the fuel tank sender unit for accuracy. Or it's possible the DPF may have reached the end of its service life and needs replacing. They don't last forever.


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