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Some of the regulars may recall that someone drove into my car nearly two years ago and that it took over a year to settle. The whys and wherefores are not relevant to this but things were settled in my favour. Because of its age the car was written off,. I brought it back and now run it on a Classic Policy as it is over 20 years old having brought another car for daily use.

Out of the blue today I got a call today from the above company on a Manchester (0161) number.Usually scammers are quite obvious by the high level of background noise, lack of any detail and, sometimes, heavy foreign accents. This person sounded quite plausible and knew details of the other driver and my car. He told me I was due £2000 compensation for shock and the jolt when I was hit. I suffered no injury and was more annoyed than shocked as it had been totally avoidable (the other driver was just driving to fast for the situation/road conditions). I started getting suspicious that although he had a lot of details he did not know if I had any passengers and the make/model of the other vehicle.

His colleague is ringing me back after 5:00. Should I be telling him to get lost?

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Your insurance company has sold them the details.

Tell him to go and find an anvil, a length of rope, and a deep lake.

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Lots of folks are gullible and fall for a pitch that compensation is there and just waiting for them to claim; a bit like a lottery win. In reality if you sufered no injury then you have no claim for shock, jolt etc. These people will try and pesuade you to stretch the truth a little so the other insurer will pay up.

Until the insurance industry decides the claims trade is actually a collectively bad zero sum game and not a chance to knock cash off their competitors it goes on. A few cases fought and well publicised fraud/perjury prosecutions for truly egregiuos claims would stop it far better than government faffing with costs regime and 'probiting' whiplash claims.

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Don't even think about it...scam...don't go there.

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I did curtail this discussion. However, they must be desperate as I have had two calls since from withheld numbers. I have to answer these as I am waiting for a hospital referral and both the GP and the hospital withhold their numbers unnecessarily IMHO.

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Next time they call, might I suggest a whistle down the phone.

Not that I've ever been known to do something so despicable, of course ...

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Good things rarely come from unsolicited phone calls, so I'd concur with the advice of others.

No need to be rude, just tell them to go away. If they insist on ringing you after you've declined their services, THEN its OK to be rude.

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If you aren't busy then just witter on inanely and answer their questions with random or nonsense statements. You can waste their time for as long as you feel like.

Alternatively, start speaking in a foreign language or answer suspected calls with something like 'Legal Department'.
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I used to be bugged by those "have you had an accident" people, and it occured to me that it might be fun to say something along the lines of "Oh, I'm SO glad you've called. I've just accidentally pushed my lodger down the stairs, and although it WAS an accident, I'm afraid the police might not see it that way. Can you help?"

Unfortunately, they stopped calling before I was able to use that line.

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What you really need to deal with those spammers is Lenny. Lenny is a chat bot computer program designed to waste spammers time and frustrate them. Lots of fun to be had.


Lenny seems to be a bit vague and rather elderly. Exactly the sort of target the scammers want. There are lots of recorded Lenny calls on Youtube where the scammer gets angrier and angrier to no avail.

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I want a Lenny!


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