directional tyres - sammy1

my car has failed the MOT because tyre is fitted the wrong way round. My question,is the tyre on the rim the wrong way round or the wheel on the wrong side of the car?

directional tyres - oldroverboy.

could be either. get it refitted if the others are all correct. go to whoever fitted the tyre.

directional tyres - elekie&a/c doctor

Are you sure it is a direction problem rather than an inside/outside issue?

directional tyres - gordonbennet

Wonder if it was fitted to the spare wheel at one time, or is there another directional tyre the right way round for the side of the car sitting in the spare wheel well?

I try to avoid the things if possible, they make rotating or swapping wheels about awkward.

directional tyres - brum

Depends, if its a directional tyre (probable) then its on the wrong side of the car. Inspect the side wall and check if it has a a large arrow indicating the direction of rotation.

If its an asymmetric tyre, then its the wrong way round on the rim, and the word INSIDE will be visible on the the sidewall. This is unlikely as every tyre fitter should know how to fit a tyre - although it did happen to me about 25 years ago.

In either case, if it has been fitted wrong go back to the tyre fitter, get them to fix it free and pay for your Mot.

You could also ask the Mot tester, they should explain better. You could either swap with the other side if the other side is also wrong or is non directional or look at using your spare if its in good condition, as that should normally be non directional.

Mixing non directional and directional tyres on the same axle is not an Mot failure but not recommended as it can lead to dangerous handling problems when pushed to the limit.

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directional tyres - hillman

I've never used directional tyres so my question is 'educational'.

Are directional tyres intended for use to displace water ? If so what will be the handling like in wet conditions ?

directional tyres - Andrew-T

Those are the tyres whose sipes diverge from the centre line towards the sidewalls, instead of running parallel with the line of travel. Clearly if fitted the wrong way round, they would tend to build up water under the centre of the tread instead of forcing it outwards.

directional tyres - Manatee

DIrectional tyres have to revolve the right saying how performance will be affected if they are fitted the wrong way.

Here's an odd one though - Uniroyal Rainsport 3 look as if they could be directional, but they are actually assymetric. Looking at the tread, it appears to be designed to shift water when revolving one way, but not the other. Not so.

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