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I was driving a hired van down a B-Road in the countryside third in a line of four vehicles at approximately 50mph. Suddenly and without warning the first car in the line braked heavily, causing an accordian effect in the traffic. The car directly in front of me and myself followed suit. While still under braking I was struck from behind by another car and which overpowered my ABS and sent me skidding into the back of the car in front.

The three drivers in the crash all exited our vehicles. The driver who caused the crash by standing on his brakes (but was not hit) then sped off. Given the shock no one got his number plate.

How will liability most likely be sorted in this case? What is standard procedure for determining liability in a three care scenario and will it matter I was hit in the rear before I hit the car in front as we were all still moving at some speed?

I am wondering if I should get a solicitor as I didn't take insurance on the hire van...

Three Car Colision - FP

"I am wondering if I should get a solicitor as I didn't take insurance on the hire van..."

Uh-oh. You had no insurance at all?

The usual procedure is that you sue (or hold liable) the car that ran into you from behind, if it did so before you hit the car in front of you.

Three Car Colision - RobJP

The driver who braked (but was not involved in the accident) is irrelevant.

As FP has said, the usual procedure is that the person at the back of the line, who struck you, and then caused you to strike the vehicle in front of you, is held liable.

However, your case may be complicated by your lack of insurance - for example, the hire company can't hire out their vehicle, so will be coming after you for the money they'd usually be earning.

You may need specialist legal advice. The sort you pay for.

Three Car Colision - RT

Do you mean no insurance literally - or didn't pay extra for the excess damage waiver?

Three Car Colision - SivadUK

Do you mean no insurance literally - or didn't pay extra for the excess damage waiver?

I mean I added as an extra driver after the fact and was unaware I wasn't taking insurance and didn't notify my insurer to activate my third party on a hire vehicle.

It was done out of ignorance and was a stupid but honest mistake. I know that is a seperate matter if I am found at fault in any way. I will have to pay something. Trust me - beyond being incredibly grateful there were no injuries I was hoping against hopes this is straightforward and the third car's insurance that hit me will pay up...

I offered to pay the damages of the car in front believing her minor damage was less of a hassle than dealing with the inevitable fall out - but she claimed pretty much on the spot and I didn't blame her. If anyone was the least at fault it was her. She managed to avoid the first car.

What I was really trying to get at was if there is established policy in the UK insurance market for collisions of this sort. In America, for instance, the last car in the line is generally always at fault. However given we were all under braking and not stationary they might make the blame 50/50 between the second and third cars as there is no proof of the order of collision.

I am not trying to place blame anywhere. I am just trying to understand how these things are viewed legally. The collision I am referring to...

I will have to deal with the insurance situation when the liability plays out.

How long do these things usually take?

Three Car Colision - RT

I have been the middle car in that situation where the car behind pushed me into the car in front - I was able to establish that fact as the driver behind told the truth - if they don't I guess you have to accept part-liability.


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