Mondeo MK4 Zetec 1.8 Diesel - Water Ingression - idyll

The vehicle turned into a nervous wreck following a period of driving in heavy rain i.e. engine warning light on plus stalling, emergency lights on but could’t be turned off, boot lock clicking etc. The RAC diagnosed water ingression from the nearside windscreen area into the nearside air intake and down onto the electronics module mounted under the glove compartment. It appears that rain water is being forced by the nearside wiper down and over the threshold of the nearside air intake which is directly inline with it. (N.B. this is not the same for the offside air intake as it is not directly in line with the offside wiper). The RAC dried the module and sprayed WD40 on it.

I have installed flexible strip around the air intake to raise the threshold to see if this prevents further water ingression. Has anyone experienced a similar problem with this type of vehicle?

Mondeo MK4 Zetec 1.8 Diesel - Water Ingression - elekie&a/c doctor
Not something I have seen before.The plastic panels below the windscreen are not designed to be water tight,more to direct the water into the corners of the screen and wing.I think you will need to remove these panels and check the water drain aways into the wheel arch areas.

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