Dodgy number plate - NAthan smith
Following on from thread last week about dodgy plates I spotted a cracker today on a family trip up north. I saw a 2013 320d with an English plate but with the "D" for Deutschland on it placed on the left hand side.The letters/numbers were also embossed so at a glance it looked like a car from Germany! What are the legalities around this one!
Dodgy number plate - Ethan Edwards

Since our laws specify exactly the colour layout and font style of plates. It's clearly illegal. It'll have been sold for 'show use only'.

However I doubt plod will intervene as it would entail actually getting out of the patrol car and doing something. Clearly not what modern policing is about.

Dodgy number plate - Wackyracer

If he gets caught on a speed camera they might well investigate, I know of a case where a chap who worked for a big haulage company got the firms garage to make him a number plate for his car. He got caught for speeding and they started looking into the details on the number plate and spotted it was supplied by said haulage firm ( number plates have to display the suppliers name and postcode by law). Both he and the garage worker got into alot of trouble for it.

Dodgy number plate - skidpan

number plates have to display the suppliers name and postcode by law

Not if they are being sold as "Show" plates. If that is the case they could put anthing along the bottom and on the side. But they are not legal on the road if they do not meet the correct BS spec.

Dodgy number plate - RT

I use legal font "show plates" - just easier to get when you have no passport, no paper licence and no paper utility bills. They meet the full BS spec EXCEPT lack of maker. Cameras still recognise them and send me loyalty points!

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Dodgy number plate - jamie745

If ANPR cameras can read it then plod is unlikely to be overly bothered.

Dodgy number plate - Manatee

It's not that long since I bought a replacement set of 'road legal' plates from ebay without any formality. No need for show plates.

From here actually -

They have gone up a couple of quid but other sellers are available.

Dodgy number plate - Boroman
Around central Manchester these days the fad for supercar owners (and there are more than you'd think) seems to be not to bother with a front number plate at all. Definitely on the increase so I'm assuming Police ain't too bothered to pull them up for it.
Dodgy number plate - Miniman777

I'm getting fed up of these vain people having to 'doctor' personalised plates to make their name or whatever and the police doing nothing. Some of the vehicles with these plates clearly need investigation as many also have illegal tinted front windows too.

I've nothing against personalised plates, the Mrs has one with her initials on, I've a very similar one on retention, but let's keep it legal.


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