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Apologies if this horribly off-topic or spammy. I just feel that this might be the best place where I can find somebody that might want to stay in the industry but pivot in actual business approach to something scalable but easy to manage with less of the usual industry problems. Over around 10 years I developed powerful vehicle sourcing software (the core bit provisionally patended in the USA in 2011) tracking around 4 million cars per year online in the UK the moment they come online - across thousands of combined sources - from private seller classified ads in local newspapers to small local dealers to large countrywide franchise dealerships. It is developed to nett £10 000 per month and to require only 2 employees to manage.The software goes online on 31 Jan 2018 and I am looking for a buyer to take over at £250k. I have two initial investors to repay and with the extremely long development time, repayment has become critical - hence the sale.


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