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Buying car insurance via a price comparison site is getting more and more like buying an airline ticket at peak time!

Got my hard copy renewal this week with a 30% hike on last years premium-so hit the usual price comparison websites finding competitive cover ( same level as mine) for 20% less than 2016/7 premium. Rang potential new company and had constructive chat with sales agreeing price-said i would ring back in a couple of hours -having spoken to my current provider. Result-current provider could not improve on their 30% 2017 hike--other than a few £'s.

So-re-contacted the sales agent of new company again ( after a long telephone wait to get through) said i would like to go ahead with what we agreed 2 hours previously,only to be told that when we had previously spoken there had been "difficulty with the website pricing" (ha ha?) and that the price we were now talking about was 10% higher than when we first spoke. Rang off-not best pleased.

Resurfed the price comparison sites-and easily found comparable cover for cheaper than i had paid in 2016. Clinched it.

Buyers beware!

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Audi A3 - On line car insurance - RobJP

My renewal premium this year for the 325d (Cornmarket, used to be Adelaide, through IAM) went up by about 25%, to £350 or so. Thinking they might have just been bumping it up through customer inertia (though they're usually very good and don't normally behave like that), I went onto the usual comparison sites.

The cheapest I could find was more than £600 !

Needless to say, I stayed with Cornmarket.

Even if they hadn't been the cheapest, I probably will continue to do so as long as they're relatively competitive. Every single person has always been a pleasure to deal with on the phone, you never have to wait for ages to speak to someone, they call you back when they say they will.

Audi A3 - On line car insurance - RickyBoy

Renewed mine for the Sportback in mid-June.

Paid £167something last year. This year they wanted £222. I began the annual arduous online trawl...

...was really quite disappointed to discover that I could achieve anything barely around the £200 mark.

Phoned current provider to ask 'what could they do for me'. £15 discount was all they would offer so begrudgingly I took it.

Similar scenario with Buildings & Contents insurance last month. Again, quite difficult to get a decent reduction so I went back onto my current provider's site as a new customer. Price dropped by £35 so I saved the quote and took it the day before renewal. However, after securing the quote I rang to again ask 'what could they do for me'. Mentioned that the best quote was with them as a new customer. She virtually agreed that's what you have to do, i.e. nothing to stop you applying again as a newbie.

Interestingly, as Doubleug has suggested, in recent times I've 'bookmarked' new quotes which tell me on=screen thast the price is valid for 30/60-days only to find when I've revisited the quote (and made no changes whatsoever) that the price has increased!

Seems to be a 'modern trend' unfolding?

Win some, lose some, caveat emptor and all that jazz, repeat to fade...

Audi A3 - On line car insurance - Manatee

When using comparison sites I always use a new incognito window (Chrome) for each enquiry in the hope of bamboozling their tracking.

I do the same when checking airfares.

Whether it really helps I don't know, because unlike airfares checking they collect the users details, but it makes me feel better.

Audi A3 - On line car insurance - TheGentlemanThug

The sad thing is that none of this is much of a surprise. The "difficulty with the website pricing" is BS in my opinion and I wouldn't be surprised if this insurer jacked up their price slightly because they knew your current insurer would still be more expensive.

The amount of times I've refreshed comparison results and gotten completely different quotes is mind-boggling. From my experience, getting quotes a couple of months in advance gets the best result.

Audi A3 - On line car insurance - RickyBoy

The key (to secure the reasonable(?) initial price) seems to be to 'buy' the policy almost as soon as you obtain the quote. You've pretty much got to jump in on the day, there and then? Delay means you'll pay (extra)?...

...However, I have had success in the past by directing the potential insurer's attention to their 30/60-day price guarantee promise (I always make a screendump/shot of the best/final price I'm given to substantiate said figure) when I either include the aforementioned graphic in an email or quote the online ref. They can't wriggle out of it then...

...but, as we well know, virtually all insurance companies are complete ******** and are working for their interests, not ours?

Discuss :–) ...

Audi A3 - On line car insurance - Brettsza

I really dont know how you get insurance for 200 300 pounds, I am just paid 900 pounds last month, i am in london with 6 year old licence and 6 years no claims, are there any better ways to insure the car other than comparison websites? I do call the cheapest insurer and haggle but it is usually 10 or 20 pounds cheaper after all this. I do stay in london but when i am looking for a bmw 3 series insurance that is going in excess of 1200 pounds per year.

Audi A3 - On line car insurance - RobJP

Because I live in low-risk rural north Wales. I've got max NCD, I've had my licence 28 years, it's been 20+ years since I had a claim, 20+ years since I had a speeding ticket, I've got the IAM advanced driving course. Married 20 years, wife is on the insurance too, and her driving record is even better than mine.

Even with the 325d touring, all that adds up to us being calculated as very low risk, and premiums are low as a result.

Audi A3 - On line car insurance - Falkirk Bairn

Falkirk, low risk area, max NCB, Fully Comp, 2 drivers only, "62 reg" 2 litre Auto.

New policy starts tomorrow £162 from Aviva - my renewal was £324 having been £176 for the past year so I walked.

Audi A3 - On line car insurance - johnnyrev
We renewed with Aviva, who were initially more expensive (£400 for me, £650 for my wife). But after driving 200 miles with the Aviva drive app on my phone, I got 25% off my premium, and with a multi-car discount it was cheaper than having 2 policy's.

I did however remove the mx5 from the multi-car policy as Aviva wanted £450! I went on a classic policy for £170 instead!

My Mum still uses a broker for her car insurance, a few folk in an office in Cornwall where she used to live. I didn't know they still existed.
Audi A3 - On line car insurance - RickyBoy

...Exactly what RobJP said I'm afraid! The principles, not the numbers, as mine are a good deal higher than his unfortunately...

Audi A3 - On line car insurance - Galaxy

Just renewed my own car insurance.

It had gone up a fair bit from what I paid last year so I went off and compared a few meerkats!

I found I could insure with my existing company for about £30 cheaper, so I called them to discus their renewal cost. They did improve their figure a bit but not as much as what I'd found on the price comparison site.

So, I then told them about the price comparison site and the figure it had come up with. After some further discussion they agreed to renew my existing policy for just a few pence under the price comparison site figure.

I did find other quotations on the price comparison site which, at first glance, did appear to be considerably cheaper. However, once I found the extras I needed to add on they didn't really work out very much cheaper.

Audi A3 - On line car insurance - Manatee

I just paid LV £366 for the renewal on the 2016 Outlander. I could have had it for £300 or so had I knocked off the guaranteed courtesy car and legal cover. The boss's 2014 Roomster renewal has just come from LV at £257 without the guaranteed courtesy car - but she has had a fault claim (Nov 2014) and a non-fault information only accident in the last year (£1,500 claim paid by third party's insurer from whom we claimed direct). Obviously her accidents affect mine slightly too, as we are both insured on both cars.

LV were close to cheapest on a like for like basis anyway, despite a 10% hike - we supposdly get a discount for having more than one policy with them (the house insurance also).

My 1999 MX5 just cost me £93 this year from Lancaster on a classic policy. LV wanted approaching £200 for that.


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