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Are there any insurance experts in the forum that could help me please.
I've had a damage only accident involving one other car. I've informed my insurance company and given all details. The damage to my car is minor and easily repairable, I can do this. The damage to his car is less than expected and he is happy to get it fixed locally at my expense. My insurance company is happy that we fix the vehicles ourselves at no cost to them ( of course). But would this be beneficial to me ?
My question is: having informed my insurance company of the accident is there any benefit paying for his repair or will I be loaded just the same?
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Every time you renew or change, the question is asked "any accidents, claims or convictions" so you have to say yes whether it's a claim or not.

Human nature is such that cheap repair will often be paid for with no claim or declaration - but that doesn't make it right.

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