Croatia border crossing woes - Galad
Hired a car in Dubrovnik for a day trip into Montenegro on what I now know is the busiest weekend. Big mistake! The queue at the Croatian side of the border was 3 hours just to leave the country and a further hour to enter Montenegro. On the way back, it took another 3 hours to clear both border checkpoints and I clocked the queue leaving Croatia at 4 miles all stationary vehicles. Lots of German, Italian and French tourists trying to get into Montenegro many with young children and I reckon that most were facing at least a 6 hour wait, including tour buses. Why do they put themselves through this? Huge wear and tear to clutches, gearboxes and batteries never mind the massive emissions from thousands of vehicles with idling engines in 33 degrees of searing heat.

Can't understand why a country delays your departure from its frontiere. If this is what a 'hard border' looks like when the UK leaves the EU then I don't know what it will mean to take a car into mainland Europe.

Croatia border crossing woes - daveyjp
I did that crossing multiple times in 1987, no border checks whatsoever, but back then it was called Yugoslavia.
Croatia border crossing woes - Galad
Also meant to say that I clocked 2 Teslas in the queue-at least 4 miles from the Croatia checkpoint. Wonder how they got on without air conditioning and access to charge points........
Croatia border crossing woes - Avant

You're remarkably patient, Galad - I'd have turned back. I hope Montenegro was worth it!

Croatia border crossing woes - badbusdriver

I've seen pictures of the place, it looks stunning, I'd love to go there myself!.

Maybe at a less busy time though!

Croatia border crossing woes - colinh

Not just this weekend or that border crossing apparently:

Croatia border crossing woes - movilogo

I crossed the same border during Easter this year (via a tour bus). On each way it took max 15-20 minutes.

That long queue is must be due to summary holiday!

Moral: Travel during off-season (it was still school holiday period)

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Croatia border crossing woes - Galad
Crazy. The bit that I can't fathom is the time it takes just to leave Croatia. I've learnt a hard lesson after my experience but no one warned us, including our very helpful apartment owner, that there would be huge delays. There's only one single carriageway from Dubrovnik into Montenegro and it's a winding road so it wasn't possible to see how far we were from the border checkpoint as we sat in the queue. With hindsight we should have turned back but SWMBO was determined to get some value out of the rental car.

The only satisfaction we got from the frustration of waiting for 3 hours was watching the queue jumpers in their blacked-out X5s and Range Rivers, hazard lights on taking a wreckless chance by racing up the wrong side of the road only to get caught by the border police lying in wait for them up ahead.
Croatia border crossing woes - daveyjp
I'm just back from holidays. We were warned about passport queues to get into Russia, so were prepared, in reality it took about 15 minutes as there were plenty of grumpy staff to do the visa paperwork. Second day we were almost waved through.

However we weren't warned about Germany. They had 3 staff so the wait was half an hour and they were just as thorough even with our EU passports.

Croatia border crossing woes - expat
However we weren't warned about Germany. They had 3 staff so the wait was half an hour and they were just as thorough even with our EU passports.

We landed at Glasgow airport on a flight from Dubai. There was a huge queue for EU passport holders but no queue for non EU passports. We had Australian passports and were through in 2 minutes.

Croatia border crossing woes - FP

"...plenty of grumpy staff..."

They're not grumpy - they're just doing their job.

Seriously - this is a cultural thing. In nearly all the former iron curtain countries it was (and still is) thought that smiling, exchanging pleasantries or making small talk with customers/clients, especially if you're an official of some kind, is frivolous.

To do your job requires seriousness and 100% concentration.

Most Russians keep their public and private personas strictly separate.

Croatia border crossing woes - movilogo

>> There was a huge queue for EU passport holders

After we are out of EU, might have "British passports only" queue :p

Croatia border crossing woes - Bilboman

"Huge queue for EU passport holders"
I've never understood the need to have all the separate queues at passport control. Surely border staff are all trained to scrutinise and process passports from all corners of the globe - or am I missing something? Border staff receive messages on a screen, radio up for help and process information which is hardly more challenging than scanning a reduced price pack of frozen peas in Morrison's. Outside the British Isles most border staff can do the job in multiple languages to boot.
The situation is particularly ridiculous when there are two passengers in one queue and eighty in the other and the customs officer in queue "A" sits and does nothing for half an hour while his colleague in queue "B" scrambles to process the hordes in his queue. We never get to that ridiculous situation in the local supermarket - so why do we have to put up with this in the hot, stressful, tiring atmosphere of an airport or customs point?

Croatia border crossing woes - oldroverboy.

AT Stanstill the other week, some friends were travelling back to the uk, and the "E" gates were malfunctioning, sending about 50% of e passport holders off to be maually re-checked... by 1 solitary "official". 50 minute wait..

We too have passed through woth lots of the gates closed and had to suffer the queues...

Border officials sitting in cubicles watching the lines and not moving their backsides..

Sister in law came to heathrow the other week, queued for ages and 30 seconds to pass, including fingerprint scan and iris scan.. (non eu visa)

Croatia border crossing woes - concrete

Sounds horrendous Galad. Must be just down to sheer volume of traffic. Even with electronic scanners it will still take a minute or so to process the passports, visas etc. Mutilpy that by hundreds and you have your delay time. I do sometimes wonder though if certain countries just have these annoying border checks simply because they can. It provides hours of endless fun to the border force to be able to irritate passing tourists, without any consequences. I remember in the 70's working in North Africa. The customs and passport control were horrendous. The thing is these countries were third, or even fourth world in parts. There was little you could bring in with your luggage apart from a few personal comforts, but they would empty all the luggage out and go through it. They even did this on the way out!!! There was nothing at all anyone would want to bring out from some of those places. We thought the guards and police just enjoyed irritating the travellers for fun. Nearly every trip the airline pilot used to come into the customs hall and really have a go at the officials for holding up the flight. Then we used to get waved through. So it can't have been that important for them to search us except for fun. I then used to hand back until the officials were told off, then just get straight through. Hey ho, all part of the rich tapestry.

Cheers Concrete


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