cramped cockpit - Dwight Van Driver

I have a NIssan 15 plate QQ.

The large central binnacle twix driver and front passenger seat is beginning to annoy me.

I am a rather large bloke with long legs and finding that I am extremely cramped for comfort when driving leg wise.

Where do I look for a car that does not have this large monstrosity so I can open my knees?

I have been looking but it seems all cars are now designed with this lump.

Suggestions please in mid price bracket -I am impoverished as an oap.

Thanks in anticipation


cramped cockpit - SLO76
Only car I can think of that avoids any centre console was the pre-facelift Honda Civic between 2001-2003. It has a dash mounted gear-lever and flat floor. A very practical and reliable car but I imagine a bit too old for yourself.

Only option with newer cars is to try em out. Get visiting dealers to see, possibly move up to a larger saloon or hatch in the Avensis/Mondeo class.
cramped cockpit - SkodaIan

If you're not too bothered about speed or handling, have a look at some of the van derived cars (Peugeot Partner Teepee, Citroen Berlingo Multistage, Ford Torneo Connect etc.)

In van form, this size of van has three front seats in some markets, and so don't have a full console, only a much smaller lump coming out of the dashboard with the gear stick on.

In the more normal car category, I think the Astra (or Mokka if you prefer a crossover) has the widest footwell of cars in that sector.

cramped cockpit - badbusdriver

As well as what has already been mentioned, the honda crv 1st and 2nd generation cars had no centre console if it was an automatic.

Only other options are Japanese import mpv's. They will be automatic, but if that is not a problem there are a wide variety of choices. Unfortunately most may be too big for your needs, but one exception, if you can live with the looks, is the nissan cube. This comes with a 1.4 petrol mated to a cvt auto (most, if not all, Japanese import mpv's use the cvt).

If none of these options appeal, i think your only option is to get a bigger car. This will have a centre console, but, in theory, there will be more room for your legs.

cramped cockpit - Avant

Yes, I was thinking the same. It's width that you're looking for by the sound of it, DVD, and so a bigger car like a Skoda Superb may well give you the lebensraum that you need. When you're in a Skoda showroom, also try an Octavia for size - a bit smaller but still not a car that I'd ever think of as cramped.

Sometimes it's the height of the centre 'lump' that can me it feel claustrophoic. SWMBO feels hemmed in if she sits in our daughter's Hyundai i10, but she was fine in a succession of Minis and in her current Audi A1.

I should think you could get a Superb of similar age to your Nissan without having to shell out too much, espically if you went for the less popular hatch rather than the estate.

cramped cockpit - bathtub tom

Whatever you do, don't go for a '20s Jowett or old Austin 7.

I can't even fit into the passenger seat of the Jowett, and had crawl out of the 7.

The Austin Burnham's a different matter, if I slide the seat back I can get in through the suicide door and drive the thing. Motorbikes have more legroom.

cramped cockpit - oldroverboy.

kia venga hyundai ix20... dacia stepway, sit up driving position too! easy fir this OAP with his aches to get out of his Venga..

cramped cockpit - skidpan

The Superb has a big centre console which is pretty wide. But the car is so big there is still plenty of space for large persons.

The Nissan Note has no centre console as such but obviously is much smaller.

cramped cockpit - Happy Blue!

Daihatsu Sirion. A small car with a huge amount of internal space. Pity that the newest available will be seven years old now.

cramped cockpit - concrete

Hi DVD. Presumably you are looking for a similar type of vehicle, so an SUV is the answer. I am 6'2" and over 15 stones and my Volvo XC60 feels pretty roomy to me. It is an auto though, if this makes any difference to the centre console. Looks like you are going to be trawling around the dealerships of North Yorkshire leaping in and out of vehicles. Good luck.

Cheers Concrete

cramped cockpit - Dwight Van Driver

I have searched for the holy grail with little success..

The ideal - a VW tiguan.

Space in the foot well, steering wheel lifts high, seat goes back the furthest I have ever known,seats very comfy. Less whistles and bells than the QQ though.

Cracked it then?.....Nnnnooooo.

Car wow sent me details but all new vehicles but had to be ordered. Not in stock. Delivery date quoted between 3 and 4 months. Hey my biological clock is ticking and very nearly at midnight as it is!!!!

So I sat down yesterday and trawled through 190 Tigs shown available for a nearly new ,manual, petrol VW Tig, reverse camera/warning.

Result - unbelieveable only 2 petrol. Both new and 30K+ . Not a big enough wallet !!!

Wow..........Rest all diesel. Likewise Seat Ateca which is I understand is on the same VW platform.

So......... to consider diesel but fearful of the dreaded DPF. Majority of my journies are low mileage, shopping and at the whim of SHMBO etc so chance of a filter block high IMHO. But I am told that if I take it for a twenty mile burn up every week/ten days I should be alright.

I again turn to the knowledgeable ones on this forum for help in asking for their advice as to if I would be OK and go for a diesel Tig.

Is there awarning light of an impending block up?

Any body else with a diesel and low mileage and have solved the problem.?

I await with baited breath

Thanks in anticipation.


cramped cockpit - RT

The VW Tiguan, Seat Ateca and Skoda Kodiaq are all built on the MQB platform shared with Golf, Leon and Octavia - presently the Tiguan and Ateca are SWB 5-seaters and the Kodiaq is LWB 7-seater but shortly there will be LWB Tiguan and Ateca and SWB Kodiaq added to their ranges.

My mileage, in a diesel Touareg, is a mixture of short trips and long runs, nothing in between - during periods with short runs the DPF regeneration is noticeable and it does hit the already poor urban fuel consumption.

If you do very low mileage, consider a 1-2 year old Touareg - depreciation has been mammoth as a) a new version is out this autumn, b) VW dieselgate and c) the UK anti-diesel campaign - so they're available with low mileage and factory warranty for silly low money - the fuel consumption won't win any prizes but at low mileages that would be hardly noticeable - it's more spacious than any of the MQB cars, as you'd expect

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cramped cockpit - skidpan

We have had 2 diesels with DPFs and have not done the type af annual mileage recommended BUT a majority of of journeys were 15 to 20 mile each way commutes. We never had an issue in the 10 years we owned the cars and covered approx 80,000 miles in total.

One thing we quickly learned was you cannot trigger a regen simply by driving for twenty miles. The car will decide when a regen is required and once triggered and the engine is up to temp and you are doing a suitable speed it will start. On the BMW it was about every 650 miles and you could only detect it by the different noise the car made between gear changes. On the Kia it was every 250 miles and was easilly spotted by a very high and lumpy idle and slighly uneven running at speed. On both cars the instant mpg plumetted by about 1/2 during a regen.

All taking the car out "for a twenty mile burn up every week/ten days" will achive is to lighten your wallet by a small sum of money and block up the DPF quicker. BMW and Kia recommended that during a regen you keep the revs between 1800 and 2000 to reduce the regen time. High revs mean a high gas speed through the DPF and this can prevent it reaching the 600 degrees needed.

I consider we were lucky not to have an issue which is why we both drive petrols now. With your planned usage buying a diesel would be absolutely barking.

If a petrol Tiguan fits the bill be prepared to wait for it coming. A 4 month wait is better than many years of regret and huge bills.

cramped cockpit - SLO76
Have you considered a Honda CRV? Large, spacious, the 2.0 petrol also has no vices to worry about and is easy enough to find with a manual or auto box.

The 1.6 diesel is incredible economical for the size of car (ours easily exceeds 60mpg on a run) and it's not known for DPF issues - unlike the VAG products you're talking of. Ours does do a higher mileage than you cover however and as with any DPF equipped car it would be a likely problem at some time however with your short distance usage. I'd stick with petrol in your case but if you must go diesel then avoid VAG and look to Honda. Auto Trader:

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cramped cockpit - Avant

Don't despair, DVD - look at Cars for Sale on this site and there are quite a few petrol manual Tiguans at varying prices, although I don't know where you're located. Rear parking sensors can be retro-fitted by a dealer if not there already.

And as SLO says, if a CRV would suit you there are lots of 2.0 petrols around. I looked at XC60s and as usual with Volvos there are hardly any petrols.

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cramped cockpit - nellyjak

Agree with above....the Honda CRV would seem to be a good choice for you.

A mate of mine is on his second CRV and loves them to bits.

I have an imported V6 Toyota Estima/Previa Auto with dash mounted selector so no issues with room....but they are not for everyone.!

Stay away from the evil diesel and stay with petrol..!

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cramped cockpit - Dwight Van Driver

The search is over

SIgned up today for pre Reg 17 plate VW Tiggie 1.4 tsi.

Happy bunny

Thanks for all your comments.



cramped cockpit - SLO76
Nice car, good option.
cramped cockpit - scot22

ORB I had a chat with a Venga owner. He loves it but said front pillars caused disturbing blind spots. Have you found this ?

cramped cockpit - oldroverboy.

ORB I had a chat with a Venga owner. He loves it but said front pillars caused disturbing blind spots. Have you found this ?

No, and i wear hi-res varifocals. It is certainly no worse than anything else i drive occasionally.

Got one for some elderly fiends recently, and she is 5' 5" built like a sparrow (weighs as much probably) and loves it now, after a few weeks.

And it really is a tardis inside, with the amount of gubbins you caan get in with the rear seats down and the false floor removed. This time we are keeping it till 2022.. (touch wood) and i will pay for the service pack for years 4 and 5, before the next service next march.

Kia service their cars ANNUAL oil change, pollen filter and brake fluid 2 yearly/ Absolutely no regrets.

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cramped cockpit - Manatee

Glad you found something that suits. I know how irritating it can be to have a car that one just can feel comfortable in.

Centre consoles aside, a colleague a few years back had a 57 plate Squashy. I never felt it was big enough, it was as if it had been made for small people. Knees and elbows always knocking on something. I am neither especially tall, nor unduly overweight so I am amazed at their popularity.

cramped cockpit - Avant

As Japanese cars are designed for small Japanese people, that isn't surprising. It's a general question worth asking - do taller people have a problem with Japanese cars?

cramped cockpit - RT

As Japanese cars are designed for small Japanese people, that isn't surprising. It's a general question worth asking - do taller people have a problem with Japanese cars?

Used to - but the Japanese are clever, they soon realised that Europeans need more space than the Japanese and Americans need more space than Europeans.

cramped cockpit - oldroverboy.

As Japanese cars are designed for small Japanese people, that isn't surprising. It's a general question worth asking - do taller people have a problem with Japanese cars?

Used to - but the Japanese are clever, they soon realised that Europeans need more space than the Japanese and Americans need more space than Europeans.

I can remember trying to drive a honda n600 and s800 .. all 6'2" of me.

cramped cockpit - Manatee

As Japanese cars are designed for small Japanese people, that isn't surprising. It's a general question worth asking - do taller people have a problem with Japanese cars?

No such problems in the Outlander, or two CRVs, or a 2002 Civic. I expect they are designed for the people they want to sell them to.

The Squashy seems to have strong appeal to women:)

cramped cockpit - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}

VW Tiguan. The centre console looks conventional in the HJ photographs.

Am I not seeing a hidden space advantage over other cars? I find my Octavia to be very roomy but the most spacious was a USA hired Toyota Avalon (cue for a song).

Wide open spaces indeed.

cramped cockpit - concrete

I had 3 Honda Accords over a 9 year period. Company cars, petrol and not once did I struggle for access or egress. I am 6'2" and not a bean pole either. Used then on match days for ferrying players around. Not small players either. The other thing is I never had an ounce of trouble with any of them. No repairs or breakdowns. When we went diesel I could have wept, Honda did not do one then. Cheers Concrete


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