A20 Dover TAP has been removed! - Smileyman

Great news for anyone travelling to Dover on the A20 from Folkestone. The much hated Dover TAP has been removed.


This stretch of road is a fast dual carriageway which decends into the port of Dover .. it has been subjected to a painful 40 mph speed restriction, ignored by all foreign registered vehicles, especially HGV's that would "bully" cars to drive faster than 40.mph. I can attest to this, I'm no slouch on the road but want to keep my licence free from points

Problem for UK motorists is that there were SPECS cameras to enforce compliance ... the other direction retained the national speed limit throught.

A20 Dover TAP has been removed! - Avant

Many thanks for letting us know.

Living in rural Dorset, with luck I may never have to sail from Dover again - but the de-restriction will be good news for those who do.


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