any - refer to IT at HJ - gordonbennet

Please can someone undo whatever they've seemingly done thismorning.

When you click on the ''FORUM'' button top right instead of it going straight to the forum it now brings up another box with three possibles, small annoyance granted but we appear to have fixed something that wasn't broken in the first place, car and lorry makers do this regularly, fix what wasn't broken in the first place, ie manual parking brakes, and this being one of the last remaining defence posts of common sense in car matters.....


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any - refer to IT at HJ - Vitesse6

Annoying and quite pointless isn't it.

any - refer to IT at HJ - RobJP

I don't mind it. It does - for those looking for information - make finding the 'search' section on the forum a lot more convenient

any - refer to IT at HJ - Avant

Didn't it always give you the choice of entering the forum or registering? I can't remember, but I've just tried it and clicked on 'enter the forum' and all was well.

I have as one of my 'favourites' and get straight in that way.

I'm not being defensive - and IT issues aren't my department anyway - but maybe I haven't seen what the problem is. Apologies if so.

any - refer to IT at HJ - gordonbennet

Avant, prior to this morning hitting the 'forum' icon put you straight onto the forums menu, since the change you have to click forum then move the cursor across to the left to click 'enter the backroom'.

Small change but to view all different forums you either have to keep going back then refresh the page or repeat the 'forum' then' enter the backroom' clicks for each different sub forum.

After a while it does get on ones mammaries, and this is day one.

any - refer to IT at HJ - Oli rag

Yes, it p's me off too.

If it ain't broke don't fix it.

any - refer to IT at HJ - Engineer Andy

I noted the same change, though I would say that when I use my tablet instead of my PC to access the site, the lack of drop-down menus (which rarely work with tablets as you can't 'hover' over one as you can with a mouse on a PC) means its a bit easier to access other parts of the site - though tapping (or clicking directly with the mouse) on the 'forum' and 'reviews' drop-down menus took me straight to the car-by-car reviews and forum anyway - it was the 'other' items on the lists that you had to go 'round the house' to access if you were using a tablet or phone.

I suppose the new version is far cheaper than producing a 'tablet/phone' version of the website that newspapers (for example) like the Telegraph charge extra for access to, which I'm sure would be uneconomic for this website. An extra 'click' on PCs won't harm anyone in my view - I'm sure there's much more important issues for us all to be concerned with at the moment.


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