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My Honda Civic has 16" wheels however, I note that different models are supplied with other wheel sizes. I have four 17" wheels fitted with winter tyres that I used to change on other cars I've owned. Can I use these wheels and tyres without affecting the transmission, speedonetc?

Honda Civic - Wheel Sizes - RobJP

It all depends on how the wheels are built - the PCD stud pattern for the wheel itself might well mean that the wheel doesn't fit.

Even if they will fit, you may well find that the offset is incorrect for the car, compared to the other cars that you've been using them on in the past, meaning that the handling could be compromised to the point of being dangerous.

Even if that is all correct, you need to keep the rolling circumference close to the original, otherwise your speedometer could be way out.

Without knowing full details of what the wheel and tyre size (and the offset and PCD) of the wheels on the car currently are, and the same details for the winter set, nobody can really advise you.

You'd probably be far better going into a local tyre fitters, taking one of the winter set with you, and asking them.


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