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I purchased a craft machine for my wife back at the beginning of March. It was a pre-order with a £30 non0refundable deposit. It was due to be delivered at the end of March. March came and went and a few different dates came and went and it was eventually delivered yesterday.

In the meantime my wife has bought something else and so this new machine is not required so it's being sent back.

The online retailers says they will only refunnd the total minus the deposit ammount.

Does any one know if that is legally correct or should they give a full refund?

Online Purchase with Deposit Refund - RobJP

If it was specified in the contract that delivery was to be by a certain date - and they then failed to meet that date - then you can demand the deposit back.

If, on the other hand, the delivery date was 'anticipated' to be by a certain point, then you may well find it's a lot more of a grey area.

I'd write to them, explaining that you view them to have breached the contract by being so long outside the original anticipated delivery date, and that you expect a full refund. Ask them that if they refuse to refund you, to supply you with their full company details by return, so that you can 'commence proceedings in the Small Claims Court'.

Whether you actually take it down that road is another matter entirely, of course ... but the threat often works.

Online Purchase with Deposit Refund - alan1302

Thanks for the reply.

It is in the grey area as it was an anticipated date - although a 3 month delay does seem a bit extreme.

I will go back to them tonight and see what they say.


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