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I bought a citroen ds3 from a car saler -- registration yr60cwc 1.6 turbo petrol on 9.05.2017 the advert said excellent car and runner and in excellent condition with no problems --- I seen it on e bay and contacted him as he had 100 percent positive feedback --- jjcarsales2017 was the car salesman name and he told me his name was Paul... i went to see the car and fell in love with it I had a little drive of it --- it felt ok but nothing like my old car which was a diesel I put it down to being a petrol it felt different --- the car was advertised for £3999 So I went back home and wanted to buy it I arranged to lend money off my mum as i still had my old car and was still driving it about -- i bought the car for £3750 and drove it to my mum's where I left it there for 3 weeks as i still had my old car --- I went away to Portugal on 29 May and came back 5th June --- whilst I was in portugal my old car sold so I started driving the citroen on the 6th June --- I needed 3 new tyres which I purchased for £240 and they told me the back wheel was buckled then not long after I was home off my holiday i heard a massive rattle and the engine sounded like it was going to explode --- so I took it to a garage and then said the engine was gone the car was a bag of crap and should never of been sold --- so I tried contacting the man but no answer no reply no return call I got this fixed as it ended up being a poly v belt and then 2 days later the engine fault came on as i was on the moterway and had to call the rac out which cost £150 to join and get took to a garage --- they then told me it was the water pump something else costing £680 at this point I was crying my eyes out I don't work due to illness as i had a brain tumour and now suffer with problems: again I contacted the man I bought the car off and nothing --- so my mum rang him and he answered to where he apologised and said he would help me out on the cost of repairs and if I'd oh had the car for less than 6 weeks he's refund the money to which I text him to say is appreciate the help of money but then I realised I'd not had the car 6 weeks --- so I tried again to contact him but nothing again --- the car was ready on Friday 16th June to pick up with the bill of 680 so I paid this from a loan and drove back home --- now today the engine light has come on Wednesday 21st June so I called the rac and the cost of repairs today is 280 --- I've tried contacted jjcarsales2017 but nothing again can I get help with this --- all in all I've spent 1500 extra had hire cars had loans and I'm stuck I hate this car now citroen ds3 1.6 10 plate --- can you help me --- I have receipts of the hire cars of the bills and the rac costs-- I trusted this man and he new i didn't work due to my brain tumor -- it's really upset and hurt me I don't know what to do next -- I have his address and contact number too

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Sorry to hear of your woes.

To be practical: your problem is that you have had work done on the car before getting a response from the dealer. (I assume it was a dealer. If not, you are pretty much up the creek. In a private sale, you buy "as seen" and there is no come-back unless there was misrepresentation in the advert. "Excellent runner" and "excellent condition" are pretty vague.)

If you bought from a dealer I can't see that you can get a refund now and your chances of being reimbursed I would say are slim. Maybe it's worth pestering the seller. Maybe you should take legal advice.

Perhaps other posters will be better able to help.

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Citroen DS3 - Tradesman won't answer calls - SLO76
Did you buy from a garage, home trader or a private individual?
If it was a garage/trader do you have a receipt or order form with their address and signature on it?

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Looks like an ebay sale - Paul seems to trade under a ltd and companies house gives his address in Swinton

Citroen DS3 - Tradesman won't answer calls - SLO76
There a JJ car sales registered to a council house in Glasgow too. Quick look at google street view and two police leaving the address doesn't bode well!
Citroen DS3 - Tradesman won't answer calls - gordonbennet

Hang on, when the engine 'went', did a new poly-V belt fix it?

Basically a poly V belt is what used to be called the fan belt, if one of those goes it's hardly a reason to say the car should never have been sold, but unfortunately on modern cars when 'fanbelts' snap they can cause other more expensive damage.

What exactly was the damage, and why did the repair mechanic condemn the car so much following breakdown?

The new tyres it needed were worn when you bought the car, so presumably you were happy the car was reasonably priced considering it needed new tyres, and breakdown cover is best arranged before you need it, which could have been £40odd from Autoaid.


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