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I'd welcome some advice on my latest buying cinundrum please - contemplating changing from 13-reg Focus 1.0 Ecoboost estate to a Hyundai i30 1.6 diesel estate. Been offered nearly £6k on the Focus with an overall price to change of about £4300. I do about 12k miles pa.

My reasoning is based on negative views on longevity of the Ford 1.0 engine. Mine has done 54k and had a new water pump earlier in the year. I just fear a bigger bill on the horizon. Petrol estates of suitable size are thin on the ground at my price & age points, Diesels have their downsides but, with a further 3 years on the warranty and only 11k on the clock, I reckon the i30 should give me peace of mind for a few years. Deal or no deal?

Thanks in advance, Andy

Hyundai i30 Estate - Petrol Focus to diesel i30 estate - phil_z70

HI Andy,

I totally agree with the concerns on the ecoboost and simular engine, I sought out a reliable 1.25 petrol fiesta for the girlfriend last year, no ball of fire though

You will be borderline with your mileage for a modern diesel though and once the Korean cars get out of warranty the prices seem to plummet

You could look down the Japanese route i.e -

It should have 2 years dealer warranty left if the service history is up to date

Not sure what the 1.6 petrol engine is like but you would think 132 bhp would pull it along nicely

Hyundai i30 Estate - Petrol Focus to diesel i30 estate - CAndyH

Thanks for the advice. Toyotas also on the short-list. Good point about the value dropping when out of warranty - I will factor that in.

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DPF issues caused by misuse aren't covered by the warranty so if your usage doesn't suit a DPF equipped motor it'll won't help to have one still under warranty. However the i30 and Cee'd aren't that prone to clogged filters and as long as you do a good 15-20min run regularly at 50mph or so it should be ok. It's generally a good car and I like the look of the estate but as mentioned already they do tend to shed value once that excellent warranty is gone. The Cee'd is mechanically identical but has a 7yr 100k warranty instead of Hyundai's 5yr unlimited mileage term so it may suit you better

Remember also that it requires a full main dealer history or that warranty will be next to impossible to claim on. These are sometimes bought by budget conscious buyers who scrimp on maintenance so it's best to buy approved used at a main dealer who tend to have the best stock. Much of what you'll find at non-franchise dealers will be missing services or had non-franchise garages do the work which despite what the salesman tells you means the warranty is gone.

I'd also include the Toyota Auris on that list. It'll cost a bit more or be older for your money but they're well made and there's always demand for an older Toyota estate. The 1.6 petrol is very robust, as is the 1.8 Hybrid. The newer 1.2 petrol turbo is nice but untested as yet (I doubt it'll go wrong) and the 1.4 diesel is a bit lacking in go but the 1.6 is fairly strong but being a BMW unit it requires franchised dealer servicing every year to stay healthy. They're known for timing chain issues later in life if oil changes are missed or incorrect grade used.

Some good deals at Motorpoint on the Avensis estate at the moment. I'd favour the 1.8 petrol for longterm reliability but the BM diesel should be fine if looked after and used correctly. Looks cheap if that service history is up to date and the near 4yrs of warranty still valid. I just found a great car on Auto Trader:

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Hyundai i30 Estate - Petrol Focus to diesel i30 estate - CAndyH

Thanks for the advice. That Avensis is a heck of a lot of car for the money! Shame it's just too big for my requirements. Will be having a closer look at Toyotas generally, although I'm based in East Anglia which limits how far I can reasonably travel to look at cars.

The i30 I've seen is from a franchised dealer and I get the impression they are keen to do a deal before the end of June - possibly a quarterly target to reach.

Hyundai i30 Estate - Petrol Focus to diesel i30 estate - SLO76
It looks fresh and is barely run in. To be honest I've more faith in Hyundai's Diesel engines than the 1.6 BM diesel in the Auris and Avensis too. In petrol form that would be reversed however. Nothing negative about the Hyundai's petrol 1.6 but Toyota's petrol engines are hard to kill.

Another worthy option would be the Honda Civic estate. The 1.8 petrol is very longlived and is faster than rival normally asperated 1600's while the 1.6 diesel is outstanding. Excellent on fuel (we can better 60mpg in the much larger CRV with the same engine) and it pulls very well. Haven't heard any problems with this engine to date and resale will be easier. Our CRV has never flagged up a DPF warining in 3yrs despite regular short distance local driving. Watch out for clutch judder from cold however, seems to be commonplace on Honda diesels for some reason so make sure you drive it from cold. If they've warmed the car up by driving it first then you know it's likely to be doing this. Not the end of the world as in most cases it passes as the car heats up. Some are so bad they need work however. But get a good one and it'll be a good workhorse and I can't stress just how good that 1.6 DTEC engine is.

Seat Leon estate is another worthy at this money too, particularly the 1.4 TSi SE. Near diesel economy but no DPF to worry about. Nice things to drive too but it's a complex engine and must again have dealer history.

With a good healthy budget to be honest the world's your oyster but I agree offloading the Focus is a wise move. All of the cars listed here will be a safer bet.


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