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I put my number plate on retention with the DVLA last year as I purchased a used car out of town and had to tax & insure online 'on the spot' prior to driving it home.

As it is almost a year since then (insurance renewal due 12th July) I would now like to put my number plate on this car but I don't know the logistics of doing it. Do I contact my current insurer first and hope their isn't an admin fee this close to renewal date or go on the DVLA website and transfer it over and then renew the insurance?

I use my car Mon - Fri but I do have a driveway to park offroad if needed and I still have the physical number plates that were removed from my old car.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Personlised Number Plate - Logistics? - Simon

Its really easy, you can do the reg transfer online between 7am and 7pm via the DVLA's website. You just need the retention certificate and possibly the current V5.

As for your insurance there will most likely be an admin fee, as to whether you can juggle it so it all ties in with your renewal will depend on the date by which you need to take your plate off retention. I assume that you only have 365 days to transfer the plate from retention back onto a car before you pay another retention fee. In which case the insurers admin fee may be cheaper.

Personlised Number Plate - Logistics? - MissingLincs

Thanks for your reply... nowadays numbers can be on retention for 10 years before you pay again.

My renewal quote is only £218 (fully comp with Tesco) which is cheaper than last year so I probably won't go through a comparison site this year (although maybe I should) so I suppose I should just give them a ring.


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