Golf tdi 2009 1.6 - Injector problem - HCMs
I had engine management light come on with loss of power whilst driving after approx 150 miles. Breakdown advised no2 injector faulty. My car has been with a garage then diesel specialist for 3 weeks now has had all four injectors replaced, egr valve checked, fuel pump checked, new fuel filter (just in case), pressure valve replaced on rail. It is running but 'lumpy' in idle. No fault codes are showing and car apparently thinks it is running ok. Mechanics cannot tell me what is wrong and seem to say it needs emission reprogramming even though it has run for 3 months and about 1000 miles since the emissions is recall without any issue.
Error light was only engine management and not dpf

Any ideas? I do not want to take a faulty car back which a hefty bill for something not running properly when I do a lot of miles and rely on it.

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Golf tdi 2009 1.6 - Injector problem - elekie&a/c doctor

The 1.6 diesel engine has been notoriously troublesome with egr and injector problems.When new injectors have been installed,it is required to update the control unit software with new injector coding.

Golf tdi 2009 1.6 - Injector problem - HCMs
Thanks for this apparently the coding was done after injectors replaced but would still run lumpy when idle. It's been 4 weeks now of trial and error attempts to make it run smoothly.
I've still not got the car back seems now that it is thought to be a lack of power due to the inlet flap motor operating when it should not. I'm told The ECU is stuck on 98% for some reason and will need to be opened up and repaired.
What I need some advice on is the car was running fine no difficulties on idle at all until the breakdown and started after injector no 2 was replaced.
Can the inlet flap motor be damaged when replacing the injector? Apparently the other 3 new injectors can just be taken out and my old ones put back in now a different fault has been found which makes me wonder if any injectors were needed at all.
I'm now in fear of a bill in the region of half the value of the car for something which started out to be a quick repair. Fuel consumption has always been very good and it's only done70000 miles.
I'm not technically minded female at all and am struggling to understand how a golf can be so complicated!
Golf tdi 2009 1.6 - Injector problem - galileo
I'm not technically minded female at all and am struggling to understand how a golf can be so complicated!

Not just Golfs, any modern diesel car is much more complicated than diesel cars of several years ago. Diesel engines used to have a mechanical fuel pump which fed relatively simple injectors, timed and metered mechanically, would run reliably for high mileages but were comparatively noisy, low revving, heavier and lower powered than petrol engines of the same capacity.

Now most are 'common rail', turbocharged, operate at far higher injection pressures and timing/metering is controlled electronically, exhaust gas is sometimes fed back into the engine cylinders to improve emissions, particle filters are supposed to catch soot, etc etc.

All these complications are intended to make them, quieter, cleaner and give up to double the power of the old style engines. Reliabilty and 'fixability' in case of problems are, however, generally worse.

Golf tdi 2009 1.6 - Injector problem - elekie&a/c doctor

Inlet manifold flap fault can cause running issues.It is all plastic and the bushes that the flap rotates on collapse and cause misalignment of the flaps.Were the injectors genuine VW parts?As reported above,diesel engines are far too complicated .You get the same issues whether the car costs £5k or £50k.

Golf tdi 2009 1.6 - Injector problem - HCMs

THANKYOU for your response
I'm not sure if injectors were genuine vw parts as a little out of my control as vehicle 160 miles away but I can ask the question.
I big query is if this is emissions related as since recall I noticed fan running when turn engine off but apart from that no problems., no issues when idle. Only one problem with dpf and this happened once just before recall and AA fixed with a forced regeneration. Has the 'fix' caused injector to fail and this inlet manifold flap?
Golf tdi 2009 1.6 - Injector problem - HCMs
Also sorry to add been told ECU is being faulty reports as water has someone got in via windscreen wiper vents and that is why readings getting stuck at 98% and forcing inlet manifold flaps to keep opening. Thought this was a sealed unit and never heard of water getting in before anyone else experienced this?
Golf tdi 2009 1.6 - Injector problem - elekie&a/c doctor

Cooling fan running after switch off is part of the dpf regen process.Normal operation.Sounds like they are using their guess-o-meter.It would be very difficult for water to enter the engine control unit ,there is a mega mastic seal to prevent thisHowever It is possible that there is a wiring fault ,due to corroded or chaffed cables.

Golf tdi 2009 1.6 - Injector problem - HCMs

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