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Hi I orderd a 3008 back in february at which time Peogoet were offering a PCP deal of 1,9% APR due to the success of the car I have now been waiting 12 weeks when it finaly does arrive will the dealer be legaly bound to offer the deal that Peugoet were offering back in may and also will they have to honer the part x price offerd at the time?



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The contract you signed at the time of order should detail any finance deal agreed.

As to the part-ex price, the price quoted may be noted and agreed as to at the time of delivery, or it may state that it is subject to change.

I suggest you read all those documents.

Peugeot 3008 - Dealer Offer - skidpan

They are the type of details I confirm before I sign on the dotted line. When I ordered the Superb back in November for March delivery the salesman wrote in clear english that the interst rate of 0% would be honoured and the PX valuation would be honoured even if the delivery date slipped.

There is no point asking these question 12 weeks later.

But once I got a right shifty salesman who confirmed it in writing and once I was out of the showroom altered the showroom copy. When the car arrived he said the PX car would need to be revalued and I pointed out to him our original deal. He would not budge so I called for the dealer principal. He showed me their copy which noted the PX would be revalued and I showed him the original which both myself and the salesman had signed which had no such notes other than confirming the PX valuation was for the delivery date. The dealer principle initially went down the same route as the salesman but when I told them I would be seeking legal advice he called the MD into his office. They agreed to honour my original order.

When I went to collect the car 4 days later the salesman I had dealt with was no longer there but his replacement was just as bad. 12 months later I got the Police round since my PX had been cloned whilst at the dealership and they were wanting to know the names of all I had spoken to at the garage. Several heads rolled.

Just remeber the 3 golden rules of car buying

Rule 1 All salesmen are liars

Ruel 2 All salesmen are liars

Rule 3 Refer to rules 1 and 2

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Peugeot 3008 - Dealer Offer - concrete

I once waited 8 weeks for a new car to arrive. One of the few times I have traded in. I had no qualms that the dealer and the salesman, whom I knew, would hold to the deal agreed. They did, but I suppose times may have changed somewhat since then. As Rob rightly points out; you must read the contract first. If you are not familiar with T&C's then ask someone who is. There should be a mention of material changes and how they affect the contract. Then if it seems favourable I would visit them and eyeball to eyeball ask them their intentions. With the veiled threat that you might have a 'get out clause' because of a material change to the agreed terms of the contract. Worth checking out to force their hand. If they sticl by the agreed terms then fine, if not you may be able to walk away scot free.

Cheers Concrete

Peugeot 3008 - Dealer Offer - SLO76
Having worked in this trade for years I sadly have got to (almost fully) agree with skidpan. 95% of salespeople will tell you anything to get you to sign up. I hated the dishonesty and frequently refused to assist in deals with one particular salesman at our firm because he was a downright rogue. There are some who actually think longterm and want you to be happy with what you've bought and the deal you've made, I always acted with the intention of selling the punter more than one car but was frequently chastised for not flogging useless financial products and for firing finance deals through at the minimum permitted rate. Volume and happy punters ment more than profit per unit to me but sadly the attitude of sales managers is totally wrong minded. The trade is geared up to support the shorterm view though and is largely the reason why I left.

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Peugeot 3008 - Dealer Offer - skidpan
Having worked in this trade for years I sadly have got to (almost fully) agree with skidpan. 95% of salespeople will tell you anything to get you to sign up.

When we bought the Kia Ceed in 2010 the salesman seemed surprisingly honest. He was a mature chap probably about the same age as we were. Just let us take the demo for 2 hours and when we got back he had worked out a price to swap which was written on the back of a bussiness card. This matched my expectations exactly and he confirmed it was for the new model year on a factory order (12 week lead in) and the price would stand regardless of increases or PX drops. We never signed an order or got confirmation (broke my own rules) but its difficult when its all on a 3 x 1.2 " piece of card.

Car arrived after 8 weeks and was exactly as ordered. Price had increased about £400 (probably because of the DPF on the new cars) but we paid exactly the pre agreed price. We still never signed an order. Thought he was a top chap.

Then he offered us a Kia service pack. £23 a month for 4 years for the first 4 services, That was a total of £1104. Before we went on a test drive I had checked the servicing costs so I already new the first 4 services would cost about £880 but he pointed out the pack meant that we would be protected against inflation etc but it looked expensive so we declined. Over 5 years we paid £850 for 4 services including MOT's but with the garages agreement we supplied our own Kia spec oil (£21 for 5 litres) and they knocked £65 off each bill.

Bet the service pack is a nice little earner for them and when I took the car in for services most of the other customers had one.

Peugeot 3008 - Dealer Offer - SLO76
Some prepaid service packages are good value but a lot are unfortunately a bit of a rip-off. Yes sales staff are on commission to sell these so this has to be paid for thus all too often you're better off just paying for each service as they happen. Never agree to add ons at the time of sale always take any figures and do the calculations at home with a cuppa.
Peugeot 3008 - Dealer Offer - RobJP

I recall reading recently, someone who was buying a bog-standard Merc C-class. The servicing 'deal' being offered was that they paid £55 a month !

Peugeot 3008 - Dealer Offer - glidermania

Very much doubt it if the offer has ended. I had a similar issue with a dealership Id previously bought a car from. Was interested in changing due to the stonking offer they had but was warned the car may not be delivered by the end of the promotion so the 'deal' wouldnt apply.

I argued the point of repeat business, no my fault if the dealer \ manufacturer couldnt deliver in time and I wouldnt do the deal if I wasnt guaranteed the deal would be applied. They wouldnt give that assurance as they said the manufacturer insisted all cars bought with the deal had to be registered by such and such a date.

So they lost a £30k+ deal.

Peugeot 3008 - Dealer Offer - skidpan

Some prepaid service packages are good value

Some are very good value.

Mini Cooper S. No discounts available when we bought the car (even from brokers) but we got the 5 year TLC pack thrown in as part of the deal. Only had one service but it still saved us money (would have still saved us money if we had paid for the package in reality).

Seat Leon. £11 a month for 35 months, thats a total of £385. The first 3 services if bought when due would have cost me almost £500.

Nissan Note. The 3 year package was £299 which was way less than individual services. But since we were buying on a PCP the offer was £199 for the package. Then the dealer pointed out that as part of the additional discounts available to us since we were existing Nissan owners it dropped to £99. Then he simply said he would throw it in as part of the deal. So the 3 years package cost us basically nothing.

Skoda Superb. 2 year package was £280. Cost to buy when due was approx £380 so a useful saving. But since the package was included in the 3 year 0% finance deal I am paying for it over 3 years.

And since we bought our Kia and were offered the rip off servicing package they heve seen the light and offer their very good value care 3 and care 5 deals.

Peugeot 3008 - Dealer Offer - skidpan

Some prepaid service packages are good value

An just to add one more point.

I would never under any circumstances buy a dealers pack.

Example. Work colleague bought a new Volvo and the dealer sold him a 3 year service pack for £1200. We all told him he was mad, our mechanically identical Focus cost us about £500 for the first 3 services. After a few months dealership closed its doors. A chain across town took on the Volvo franchise and said it was nothing to do with them. The manufacturer said it was nothing to do with them.

So £1200 thrown away.


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