audi a4 - euro4/152 k/gm - Joseph Holt

Hi all, still trying to get to the bottom of this one, can an a4 that is euro4 and 152 k/gm with tdv in its description have a DPF?

When the tdi pd130 is 154k/gm. I have read that it is the 115pd slightly tweaked round about the 06-57reg.

anybody know for certain? thanks

audi a4 - euro4/152 k/gm - skidpan

A DPF does not lower the CO2 figures and it is this you are quoting.

A DPF is designed to collect soot particles and is fitted to enable the vehicle to comply with the relevant EU classification.

One example, the wife bought a new Kia Ceed fitted with a DPF in 2010. Its CO2 rating was identical to the car she could have bought from stock that was not fitted with a DPF.

In the real world a car fitted with a DPF will be less ecomonomical since a regen of the DPF uses diesel. Our Ceed did a regen every 300 miles and during a regen the mpg almost halved for about 15 miles. That probably equates to approx about 0.2 of a gallon of diesel or just over a pound.

This extra fuel usuage is not factored into the official MPG figures.

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audi a4 - euro4/152 k/gm - Joseph Holt

Yes, I know all about how a DPF works, and the reason behind it all, (euro 5,6) and I am aware of the ceed/130 1.6ctdi changing to dpf in 2010 etc.

You have rambled on, but not answered the question, if you do not know the answer with absolute certainty, that is fair enough,because I dont too, that is why I'm asking.

So,.... does a audi a4 with a 1.9 tdi 115ps tdv engine 152 k/gm, registered december 2006/56 reg euro4, have a DPF?


audi a4 - euro4/152 k/gm - skidpan

Look at your V5C, the answer is on there.

Post the particle emmision figure. There is a very big difference between the DPF and non-DPF figure. The limit for Euro 4 is 0.025 but vehicles with a dpf will have a figure nearer (or possibly just below) 0.10.

But don't forget that just because a car left the factory with a DPF it could have been removed if it was giving trouble. That means the car is illegal to use and should not get an MOT if the garage are doing thier job properly.

Buying any 11 year old car is a minefield especially an 11 year old diesel. Why not consider a petrol, you will get a newer car for your money and no DPF.

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audi a4 - euro4/152 k/gm - Joseph Holt

I know all about this particulates scenario, but for the last time ...does this particular A4 have a dpf? If you dont know just say so, there is no shame in that.

All this talk about...11yr old/petrol/newer car etc, is totally irrelivant to the original question.


audi a4 - euro4/152 k/gm - skidpan

I don't know about this particular car off hand


I asked for the particle figure off the V5C. That will tell you what you need to know.

If you cannot be bothered to look or find out that is not my fault. I gave you a solution.

audi a4 - euro4/152 k/gm - Joseph Holt

If i had the v5, that would mean...I owned this vehicle, but as I dont have the v5,....this means I dont own the vehicle,...which is why I am asking the question in the first place.

But, like myself, you dont know the answer, fair enough.

Thank you and have a nice day.

audi a4 - euro4/152 k/gm - skidpan

If i had the v5, that would mean...I owned this vehicle, but as I dont have the v5,

If you don't own the vehicle and have the V5 then ask the seller.

How hard can it be?

audi a4 - euro4/152 k/gm - Steveieb
My Golf MK 6 with the 1.6 Tdi engine had a Dpf and there was an icon on the dash warning lights upon switch on which showed an exhaust box with holes to signify if the Dpf was faulty.
The light went out on start up showing that the Dpf was fine.
Does this apply to all cars with Dpfs.
audi a4 - euro4/152 k/gm - skidpan
My Golf MK 6 with the 1.6 Tdi engine had a Dpf and there was an icon on the dash warning lights upon switch on which showed an exhaust box with holes to signify if the Dpf was faulty. The light went out on start up showing that the Dpf was fine. Does this apply to all cars with Dpfs.

Not on BMW and Kia. When there are DPF issues the Engine light flashes.No specific DPF light on either.

audi a4 - euro4/152 k/gm - Joseph Holt

I am asking, or was asking, on THIS forum.and you skidpants, DONT know the answer!

You have been all round the houses,and ended up with...ask the seller!

Skidpants,you have missed you way, you should of took up politics.

audi a4 - euro4/152 k/gm - skidpan

You obviously know all about skidpants because you are a total ars3ole.

What is so wrong about asking the seller. It is what I would have done automatically, if they won't look go and buy whey they will.

But its so easy to use the intyernet to find out thains which in truth are easier to find elsewhere.

Fact is answers on forums can contain wrong info, a V5C will show the correct answer.

Now go and crawl back under a rock.

audi a4 - euro4/152 k/gm - Joseph Holt

For your information ,The car in question was for sale today at BCA Brighouse, do you think bca would let me look at the v5 before I made a bid? of course they wont, even you know that skidpants, which is why I came onto this forum to hopefully find any info I could, instead all I have heard is a load of nonsense from one of the forum regulars, YOU skidpants yes YOU, but never mind ,it's gone now, I wont top myself , I'll keep on searching for a low mileage 1.9tdi pd, preferably a 130.

So, there you have it skidpan, if you dont know....just say so, there's no shame.


audi a4 - euro4/152 k/gm - Graham567

You have been nothing but rude to Skidpan who is trying his best to help you.If you insult people with your replies then don't expect anyone to answer your question now.You need to learn a few manners.

audi a4 - euro4/152 k/gm - SLO76
Just going to stick my oar in here for what it's worth. Don't be chewing my ass anyone...

As far as I understand it TDV denotes that a diesel particulate filter is present on the model in question but the vehicle was produced prior to (or during) the legislation process regarding DPF's. The abbreviation 'DPF' was not yet officially in existence so Audi used the 'TDV' letters to identify the diesel particulate filter.

Seems to be little in the way of info around about this but the fact that they were sold alongside the normal versions of the same engines suggests it is in fact referring to the DPF.

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audi a4 - euro4/152 k/gm - Avant

Thank you Graham and SLO.

Any more insults - on a topic which is perfecty capable of being discussed in a civilised manner - and this thread is closed.

audi a4 - euro4/152 k/gm - Joseph Holt

I can now confirm with absolute 100% certainty the answer to my question.

I have spoken at great length to Volkservice in Blackpool, they have access to all the data regarding all things vag.

TDV is not, repeat not ,a dpf engine,it is a tweaked version of the slightly earlier version, hardly anything in it.

February 2005-october 2005 = A4/115/euro4/154k/gm.

december2005-december 2007=A4/115/tdv/euro4/152 k/gm

It is just as I thought from the outset,...a 1.9tdi pd, 56reg, with 152k/gm doesn't have a dpf.

AVANT, if you want to ban me from this forum, for speaking the truth, feel free.


audi a4 - euro4/152 k/gm - SLO76
No insult Joseph but I'm gonna task myself with finding one and taking a physical look. Too much conflicting information about, you'd expect a main dealer to know their stuff but heard too many who don't to put 100% faith in them. If I do I'll get back on with the results.

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audi a4 - euro4/152 k/gm - Ian D
OP - As I hinted in your other similar thread you posted last week ("a4 - Audi 1.9 tdv") if it has letters TDV then i thought it had a DPF. From researching this a few years ago my understanding was that TDV stands for Technology Demonstrator Vehicle which was Audi's terminology for a DPF before that abbreviation was commonplace. A DPF was not required at the time (Euro 4 only) but Audi were developing the Technology in preparation for Euro 5. The small emissions difference is irrelevant, different car, different day.
The non TDVs became TDVs I.e. fitted with DPFs some time in 2005.
I know you have spoken to the Blackpool specialist but I would be interested if SLO looks at one.

I would also ring several Audi main dealer service desks to see if you get a consistent response that agrees with the Blackpool people told you.

(I once wrote to Ford technical to ask if my 2008 S-Max 2.0 TDCi has a DPF and they wrote back stating definitively that all 2.0 TDCi S-Max's have a DPF but they were wrong on that one, mine does not, hence my doubt over the accuracy of some main dealer/specialist information!)

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