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I have an old 2001 Daewoo Matiz that I bought for my wife as her first practice car. It has only 34,000 on the clock. After about a few weeks of buying, while driving, the car stalled. When started again, I could hear some sound coming from exhaust as if there is some issues, I kept revving for a while and then all of a sudden car got normal and then it didn't stall for the rest of the trip. Next day the same thing happened!

The car stalls only once and then the same light thumping sound from exhaust as if something is stuck in it before it clears and it starts to run without fault. I've checked the air filter, it is relatively clear as if recently changed.

Also checked, it doesn't give out smoke as well, oil level is pretty much constant too so I doubt it's burning oil.

Any other advice that you could provide will be very helpful.

Thank you

2001 Daewoo Matiz - Daewoo Matiz - Stalling Issue - mss1tw
Possibly collapsed silencer/muffler or blocked catalytic converter?

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