Toyota Avensis - 2.0 vvti dome/central locking 7.5 amp fuse - bootzey

Hi all.

Not been here in a while (one reason for buying an Avensis), sailed through its MOT apart from needing some sill welding.

Anyway, as in the title, the 7.5 amp fuse which controls the central locking, dome light and radio/computer keeps blowing...I brought a box of 30 fuses for the process of elimination.

Everything is fine until I drive the car. Basically, I noticed that the fuse blows when I turn sharp right. I turn left out of my drive, left at the end of the road and then when I turn right the fuse blows.

I've just gone straight out of my drive then done two circuits of the estate but all left turns and everything fine. Then on the third circuit missed the last left turn, then turn right and the fuse blew.

When standing still and ticking over I've opened each door intern, wobbled the slam switch and door umbilical tubes, bonnet switch, boot switch, messed about with the dome light whilst it's on, wobbled both fuse boxes, relays and the c/L integration unit, bounced the car with steering on full right lock and nothing happens, the fuse doesn't blow but drive, first right turn and it blows.

When I washed the car last weekend I'd used a high pressure hose end and when I first started with the sponge the alarm went off but wasn't actually armed. Might be related but the fuse was blowing three weeks before I washed it so probably not.

If I disconnect the battery when the alarm is going off it carries on!

It's doing my head in. Any ideas anyone please?


Toyota Avensis - 2.0 vvti dome/central locking 7.5 amp fuse - bootzey


It was the sat nav box in the boot. Water dropping onto it due to my drive being uphill and I reverse in, blocked drains meant water buildup and as I turned right at normal speed water would slosh around and up on the unit. Problem cured.


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