MOT Testing & Brakes - 520i

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Took the Japo box in for a test recently, and ended up using a certain 'rapidly attached' national chain (against better judgement I know, circumstances dictated). Anyhow, I was curious to see advisories for front pads wearing thing and a scored disk. Obviously, one is always happy to be told of such things, but I always understood that an MOT didn't include taking wheels (or indeed anything else) off of the vehicle, and the braking element merely involved a rolling road. Has this been updated, do Kwak Flap have a means of examining braking components with the wheels attached, or is this just an 'extra service'/means of drumming up trade conveniently done at the same time as the proper MOT test? Incidentally, no mention of it was made nor any attempt to flog me new brake discs, although it was tested towards to the end of the day.

MOT Testing & Brakes - Cyd

"do Kwak Flap have a means of examining braking components with the wheels attached"

Yes, they can look through any wheel spokes or round the rear of the wheel. Quite normal

MOT Testing & Brakes - Andrew-T

Much of the MoT examination is done with the car on a hoist, so that underneath things like brake pipes can be looked at. Brake discs and exhausts are much easier to check too.

It has been said that most cars get advisories from K-F about discs and pads, in the hope of generating some extra trade from people who are easily persuaded.

MOT Testing & Brakes - scot22

I have had bad experiences with Kwik-Fit. However,because it is brakes, I suggest you get a second opinion from a trustworthy garage ( there are many). Please let us know the outcome.


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