Car insurance - Nai backwards
Hi Guys,

Not sure if there is anything in this, but I just received a letter from my insurance company saying they have closed my complaint down, so wanted to see whether it was worth persons any further.

When my car insurance came up for renewal in November, i recieved all the renewal paperwork through and noticed that a previous motoring conviction was not displayed on the list. I called them up to query this as I had previously mentioned it to them.

When I called up they said that the conviction was not included in the price. They looked into this and confirmed it was their fault that it had not been included and left it there. They did however say that they would not keep the renewal price and increased it by around £1000.

At the time they said they would not keep the renewal price down, although my argument was that I wouldn't have purchased the car should I have known the accurate insurance quote.

Do you feel as though this is something worse perusing to get the money back?

Thanks for your help

Car insurance - Stanb Sevento

There is no contrace between you and the insurers till you accept their offer and pay. Up to that point they or you can back out. A condition of their offer is that you check and agree that all the information is correct.

Car insurance - Nai backwards
Sounds like a no then I suppose.

Thanks for the response
Car insurance - SLO76
They made a mistake on your initial quote but they do tell you to check your details on the policy and report any errors so they're covered really. You've no chance of any recompense I'm afraid. All you can do is shop around for a cheaper quote or sell the car on.
Car insurance - Nai backwards
Okay, thanks very much

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