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Hi, just wondering if anyone can help, i have a Peugeot 306 dturbo and it has been off the road for a few weeks now woth a problem that we cant work out the cause of, the car will start and run for 6sec them cut out, there is power shutting off to the lift pump in the tank so we tried running a constant live but same problem occurred, i have tried blanking off single injectors one by one to see if one is loosing pressure but everything seems fine, a few times we have started the car it has ran for around 40sec to a min without stopping but then after it cuts out its back to just 6 sec
Have had the car on a diagnostic machine and it says fuel pump primary circuit but we cant work out quite what that means, we have also tried new stop solenoid! Any suggestions on what to try?

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Peugeot 306 starting then cutting out - elekie&a/c doctor

More info wouls be useful.Age of car,engine size and is this a common rail diesel?

Peugeot 306 starting then cutting out - Railroad.

Place your hand on the underside of the fuel tank whilst someone else cranks the engine. You should be able to hear and feel the fuel pump working. If it doesn't then thump the tank with your hand whilst the engine is cranking. The pump will usually start, and if it does you need a new one. These are common failures.

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Given the lift pump, I am pretty sure this an HDi. It won't run at all if the lift pump is not working - the 6s run time suggests to me that the fuel pressure regulator is faulty - you would need some diag data to confirm though. OP says they have changed the 'stop solenoid' however - but these engines don't have one - although the FPR could be confused with a stop solenoid I guess... More info required!

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Known issues on the 306 pump are: weak electrical current to the pump, in-built filter blocked, and sticking pump, which starts again after a tap with a hammer.

Its just a part that's reached end of life due to age / mileage / amount of fuel its pumped through its life.

Its a shame you didn't try the 306 forum as its very well documented. I think there's a great pic on there of someone who stripped theirs down and showed the filter completely blocked.

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Peugeot 306 starting then cutting out - PugGuy306
RichardW- do you think I should definitely get it to a diagnostic machine and get some live readings of the fuel pressure? What other info would be helpful? What i have originally said is what the problem is and the work we have carried out
Peugeot 306 starting then cutting out - PugGuy306
Its a 2000 reg, is a 2ltr hdi and yeah its common rail diesel
Peugeot 306 starting then cutting out - hardway

I'd be doing an injector leak back test.

All it would take is one leaking injector an the rail pressure would collapse.

That "Would " show up in live data in graph.

And I had this and similar on these engine.

Your timing precision reminded me of one a while back the lasted 16 Secs' then died.

If I recall it was engine heat related.

16 S was the time it took for engine heat to reach the injector.

Every time!

Engine cooled down and would start then repeat.

'course there was then a bit of an argument with the reconditioner who stated all injectors were fine.

Until I pointed out it was heat related and he ran the test for longer than standard and got the same results on the bench as I was getting in the car.


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