SLK 250d 2012 - headlight - barney100

I had an MOT, headlight needs adjusting I am told so go ahead says I. Phone call later....'adjuster is broken so you need new headlight.' I begin to think maybe mechanic has broken the adjuster. When I pick the car up the reception bloke can tell I'm not convinced, he says 'I suppose you think we did it'. Can't prove anything or I may just be a cynic. I suppose adjusters can break.... but never the less.

SLK 250d 2012 - headlight - oldroverboy.

seems to be common look here

SLK 250d 2012 - headlight - 72 dudes

Err, that link takes you to a thread about the W210 E Class (1996-2001), not really relevant ORB.

As an SLK owner (albeit a 2006 model), I've not heard anything about flimsy headlight adjusters, but would be the forum to visit.

Probably just bad luck I'm afraid, but understandably frustrating.

SLK 250d 2012 - headlight - oldroverboy.

it is a widespread problem, not just on mercedes, the link was to a merc forum, surely OP can go on from there... just a hint like.......

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