Renault Grand Scenic 2010ish any horror stories? - Serial Car Changer
Ok so I have a 4x4 I bought a few months ago but I need to fit two child car seats and an adult in the middle row and I can't in this one. So once again I'm changing it (with no child seats in it looked like it would all fit but it won't, in case you're wondering why I bought it). And still looking for my little convertible too. (Hence my tag name).
Anyway, at the weekend I'm off to the Bristol area to look at some Renault Grand Scenic 1.5dCi Dynamique tomtom. 2010 and thereabouts., sensible miles. This will be a down grade from my Outlander (imo anyway), but is more practical, £30 tax and good mpg.
Never had a French car
Just wondering about your experiences with one? I'm aware that the 1.9 is the stronger engine but then the tax increases and I'm only using this car at the weekends about twice a month. This site is great for opinions and advice so all opines welcomed!
Renault Grand Scenic 2010ish any horror stories? - Avant

Click on 'reviews' on this site and have a look at the good and bad points.

There are some good examples of French cars out there, but they carry a greater risk when buying secondhand because they seem to be more vulnerable to abuse by previous owners than Japanese cars are. Renault electrics can be particularly dodgy.

Do you really need a diesel? They are more liable to expensive failure as they get older.

Take some measurements of your child seats before you go, or even better take the seats with you.

Renault Grand Scenic 2010ish any horror stories? - Wasabi
No horror story from me. Wife owned a 2010 Grand Scenic (1.4 tce though)for four years. Purchased for purely practical reasons, it served us well given the abuse it suffered in hands of wife & kids. Faults: One problem with airbag, also a small oil leak, both fixed by dealer who was/is surprisingly competent. Otherwise was fine. I would have been happy to keep it longer but we sold it when we no longer needed such a large car. Hard to love it, though I would buy another if I needed a cheap people carrier. Sorry can't speak about the diesel engine. 1.4tce powerful and smooth but uneconomical. Hope it helps
Renault Grand Scenic 2010ish any horror stories? - daveyK_UK
If your buying a 10 plate 1.5 diesel it should have had at least one timing belt change, make sure it's been done

Electrical problems with this car and some component issues, check the Renault owners forum for what to watch out for

Does this car have the electric parking brake? If so, I would avoid it, famous for breaking while set leaving you stranded
Renault Grand Scenic 2010ish any horror stories? - SLO76
The 1.5 dci is a robust engine if maintained properly. The 1.9 is however disliked by the trade and well known for turbo failure which more often than not sees metal fragments ingested by the engine thus requiring a new engine. The 1.5 is quick enough and great on fuel but it's known for snapping timing belts so make sure it's been done on schedule, they rarely have. It's due at 5yrs or 72,000 miles.

The petrol engines are fairly long lived too but a bit flat performance wise. Timing belt interval is the same as the diesels and there's no turbo or DPF to worry about but economy is around 20mpg worse.

Electrical issues are your biggest enemy with these. They tend to go a bit mad at 10yrs plus. Poor quality electrical connectors corrode and cause all sorts of electrical nonsense. Just a joy of owning an older French motor I'm afraid.

If you want space and reliability in a compact MPV I'd look at the Toyota Verso or Mazda 5. Avoid the 1.6 diesel in the Mazda though.
Renault Grand Scenic 2010ish any horror stories? - Steveieb
Speaking to my friend who has given up the motor trade, it was this troublesome model that finally made up his mind. The customer had a never ending list of faults which he fixed and then the customer asked for his money back , which was refused followed by a small claims court.

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