passat 05/pd130 or mondeo mk4 58 tdci 140 ? - Joseph Holt

Hello All, I'm on the lookout for used diesel car, and the 2 above are front runners, I actually prefer an 05/pd130 passat, 5speed, rather than a 6speed Mondeo/140/DPF. But

advertised locally is a mondeo zetec 58reg/140/42kmiles, good cond, nice drive.

A low mileage passat is very hard to find, but I'm prepared to wait and keep searching.

And with the greatest respect to all, I dont want to get into the petrol/diesel argument.

I know Craig pd 130 has owned both, and would very much appreciate his opinion, and of course anybody else also.


passat 05/pd130 or mondeo mk4 58 tdci 140 ? - RobJP

I had (a number of years ago now) a couple of Audi A6 estates with the 1.9 130 engine. It's probably one of the best engines designed and built in history.

As to continuing to look for a low-mileage example, I don't rate your chances. They were bought by people who did big mileages, so they've done big mileages. The newest ones are now 12 years old, so you should not be buying on mileage alone, but on lots of preventative maintenance and a long-term owner.


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