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Wife decided that the man with everything was getting a dashcam for his birthday. I hate loose cables everywhere so will dard wire to the fuse box and this is where I am looking for a bit of advice. I plan to use one of these piggy-back fuse holders and fit to an accessory type fuse, intereor lights or heated mirrors or something. Dose this sound like a plan or am I likley to hit any problems?

Ive done a lot of things like this in the past but never on a car with canbus and such fancy electronics. I renderd my 2005 Touran immobile after pulling fuses and inducing a whole pile of fault codes and it took a call to the AA to sort. Embarrassing.

Any thoughts welcome.

Sharan - Dash cam fitting - elekie&a/c doctor
Depending on the age of the car,will affect how easy a job it will be.Finding a suitable power source could be a problem if the car is post 2008ish,as there are few ignition circuits.Also you will need to run the power lead up the screen pillar,be careful of any airbag wiring.You will need an in line power adaptor socket and fly lead to wire into the electrics to couple up with the dash cam power lead plug.Do not cut the plug off as this provides a 5 volt supply to the camera.Those piggyback fuse holders are a good idea if there is enough space.
Sharan - Dash cam fitting - Stanb Sevento

Thanks for the reply elekle&a/c doctor. My car is a 2014 and as you say there are few ignition circuits, even the interior lights work after the ignition is off, for a while anyway. Maybe the circuit for the power sockets themselfs, thats what would be supplying it normaly if it was pluged in, and its ignitian controled. I dont think I need to go near the airbag because there is a small window between the screen and the A pillar that allows my to avoid the air bag alltogether.

Would I have noticed it was a 5V supply .... well of cource I would I think. !

Thanks very much for your guidance, The unit is due to arrive tomorrow and I will study the unit and my car fuse box and come up with a plan. I will let you know the result and if necessary maybe pick your brains some more. Thanks again.

Sharan - Dash cam fitting - focussed

This is a job I have to do shortly - to hard wire the 5 volt adaptor ciggy plug use one of these

Or your nearest caravan accessory store maybe.

Shove the plug into the socket and tape it so it can't come out

Sharan - Dash cam fitting - Stanb Sevento

Got it up and running eleke&a/c doctor. As it turned out the cable was usb at both ends and came with a usb power socket . It took a while to find a fuse that was ignition activated, some needed the engine running not just the ignition on. Found a little 12v to 5v converter on ebay with a usb socket attached that along with the piggyback fuse did a nice neet job. Took me about 2Hrs but suspect it would be a 1/2Hre job for you. Cheers

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I bought something like this:

Soldered the ends to one of those piggy back fuses:

and mounted it in the fuse box.

Then used a 3M USB cable to run between the camera to the fuse box (round the edge of the windscreen.

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