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I've had an ongoing problem for a while with my 10 plate Mondeo - the bonnet won't close properly. It holds on the catch but will not fully close.

My local Ford dealer have charged me £90 to replace the latch but it hasn't fixed the problem. They now want to replace the cable for £160.

A couple of questions for anyone in the know:

I feel I've been ripped off as they have replaced the latch which didn't need replacing, so I asked for a refund. They argued that the latch has to be replaced before the cable can be replaced so I would have had to pay the £90 anyway - I can't believe this is true, are they lying to me?

Should I go ahead and spend £160 having the cable replaced? They verbally told me it will "definitely" fix the problem, but I don't have much confidence in them!

I have read up a bit and it seems to be a common fault, which is nearly always down to a rusty or worn cable, so maybe replacing the cable will work, but this makes me even more annoyed that they started by replacing the latch. Do you think I should be entitled to a refund as they have replaced something that didn't need replacing?


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Looks like they are taking the belt and braces approach to fix this.Don't think this is rocket science to sort out,so not too sure why you would need a main dealer?
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£160 to supply and fit a bonnet release cable? Unless there is some unkown complication I think they are taking the proverbial.


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