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I've recently been sold a car as having full service history however the 1st service was 2 months late. Does this mean the car doesn't have a full service history? The dealer suggested when questioned that because it was on the forecourt it didn't need to be serviced. Is this true?



Late first service - SLO76
I assume you're concerned about this invalidating your warranty? It's unlikely to be an issue but I'd call the manufacturers customer services line to verify this, better yet email them so you have written proof to fall back on later on if needed. It'll make no difference to its value and you can understand why they wouldn't service a car until it was sold.

Out of curiosity what car is it and did you buy it from a main dealer?
Late first service - craig1234

Yes I'm mostly worried about warranty. It's a Citroen and brought from a main dealer so should be ok. I'll call Citroen tomorrow and get them to verify this. Thanks

Late first service - Ian D
Talk to your local main dealer for whatever make it is and see what they say (was the service carried out by a main dealer?)
The manufacturers warranty documents that came with the car may state how late a service can be in terms of miles/calendar time.
Late first service - skidpan

Normally you are allowed a month or 1000 miles.

Every similar case I have read about has resulted in the same response form the manufacturer. Basically it will not affect the warranty unless the problem can be attributed to the late service. Basically they will find a way to avoid paying if a problem arrises.

Best of luck.

Late first service - NARU

When I was looking, there seemed to be a lot of cars around which hadn't had their first service. The dealers couldn't give me a straight answer other than that they would 'look after me'. Like you, I was concerned.

I carried on looking and found one which was 11 months old and 4,000 miles [Toyota's service regime for the model I was buying was 12 months/10,000].

Late first service - SLO76
It was common for us to sell nearly new Mitsubishi's and Proton's that had been sitting for a while and would be late for their first or second service as a result and I don't recall any issues with warranty claims. Though to be fair none of them ever went wrong. The only car I remember the service dept pulling out the showroom for a service when it hadn't been sold was a 3000GT but that's a little more exotic than the Carismas and Colts we typically flogged.
Late first service - daveyjp

My wife has just swapped her car for one just over a year old. During the test drive I noticed it was flagging service due. Not a problem, it was done by the supplying main dealer before handover and we were given the service print out.

Late first service - Dogfuzz

If it was due it's first ANNUAL service and then was on the forecourt for 2 months--then all would be well. If the first service had been done at "25,000/2 years " at 26 months -I would have walked away, fast!


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