Kia Rio Strike 2010 - Water in Driver's Footwell - Bunglybonce

Hi everybody,

Hopefully someone can help, as this is driving me mad now. For quite some time now I've had water in the driver's footwell of my Rio Strike. There's no obvious inlet. I've checked around doors and windows,(I've powdered them and drenched the car and there were no internal water runs etc), the door seals seem fine, and there is no sun roof.

Initially it was looked at last summer and the garage claimed that it was the scuttle panel, which was cleared and I managed to get the car seemingly dried out during decent weather, but when the rain started again - as soon as I put my feet down on the floor mats they started soaking up the water that must have flooded in again.

It has been looked at again recently and I was told that the leak seemed to be coming from the driver's side of the windscreen, and to get a re-seal or replacement on the insurance. I tried to do this but when they guy arrived to carry out the work, he said that the seals etc were fine and that he was pretty sure the water wasn't coming in via the window. It's so saturated in the footwell that the water has soaked through to the rear well, and mould issues have appeared and spread across the carpets also. So it's getting pretty bad.

Has anyone had/got the same problem and, if so, any ideas as to what I can check next? When I called my Kia garage, despite still being under warranty, I was told it was 'likely wear and tear' and the probable bill for the work to pinpoint the leak would be ridiculous. I'm cheesed off as it's not an old car and is extremely low mileage, plus I can't afford to fork out hundreds of pounds for it at the moment. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Kia Rio Strike 2010 - Water in Driver's Footwell - Manatee

Have you checked the drain holes in the bottom of all the doors?

Kia Rio Strike 2010 - Water in Driver's Footwell - SLO76
Not unheard of for the heater matrix to fail on these and soak the carpet. There would be an obvious smell of coolant though...
Kia Rio Strike 2010 - Water in Driver's Footwell - Chrome

Have you checked the rear windscreen wash pipe? The pipe on my 07 Rio (same shape model I think) popped off and soaked the driver's footwell. Easy to fix with a zip-tie. Access is under the driver's side kickplate - a few bist of trim to remove and you are there!

Kia Rio Strike 2010 - Water in Driver's Footwell - Bunglybonce

Hi everybody - thanks for the replies. Apologies for the VERY late thank you - been out of action for a while due to illness.

Thankfully there's no smell of coolant, the screenwash pipes are intact, and the drainage holes on the doors are all clear, too.

After taking off the scuttle panel, there are 2 drainage holes on the driver's side - one of which is the cause of the leak. it doesn't seem to be blocked, and when water is poured down it, the majority of it drains through and out near the wheel arch ok. But somewhere along the line, some of that water is making it's way into the footwell. Checked where the screenwash pipe and bonnet relase cable feed through into the footwell and they seem dry, so water isn't getting in via those. Any ideas? Is this likely to be a displaced or damaged drainage pipe, or just a result of a pants welding spot letting water in? And does anybody know what kind of prices I'd be looking at if I took it to get either of the above sorted?

Many thanks


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