Toyota Yaris - Registering before 1st April 2017 - Rob35

Hi, I am looking for advice.

I was going to change my car later this year, but and the end of February, I decided to order a new car and beat the tax changes from 1st April.

On 3rd March, I ordered a new Toyota at my local dealership. I specifically chose a car avaialble in March, so it falls into the existing tax bands. I was advised delivery would be towards the end of the month the order form states estimated delivery of 30th March.

A few days after ordering, the dealership sent me a Confirmation Of Registration Details, confirming the VIN and registration number, which I signed and returned that day. Last Saturday I was invited to the dealership to sign the finance paperwork and agreed a date to collect the vehicle. After signing the paperwork, the salesman advised he didn't have a date but would call me at 4pm. This didn't happen so I called him at 6pm, he advised the delivery was showing as 31st March, but all other cars come in much quicker so he expected it to be delivered this week. In any case, he'd call back today.

There was no call from him by 5:30pm today, so I rang the dealership. I eventually spoke to him and he advised that it was looking like 30th, as the system still had that date on it, but it could be delivered at the end of this week!

I asked him if this would affect the tax. He said not as the vehicle would be registered before the end of March.

Could anybody advise what the position is please? Will the dealership definately be able to register the vehicle before 1st April if the delivery slips from 31st March?

Thanks in advance!

Toyota Yaris - Registering before 1st April 2017 - RobJP

Unless you made it a specific condition of the contract that delivery and first registration WOULD take place before 1st April, then it is only 'estimated'.

There is,however, nothing in law stopping the car being registered prior to delivery. If, for example, it is stuck in a distribution centre awaiting transport.

Toyota Yaris - Registering before 1st April 2017 - Rob35

Thanks RobJP. that's useful to know and I'll be sure to check that it is registered before the end of March I'm assuming it'll be in this country as it is two weeks since the VIN and reg were issued to me.

Toyota Yaris - Registering before 1st April 2017 - Auristocrat

Hope you got a reasonable discount as the heavily revised Yaris goes on sale 1st May -

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