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On Honest John and other forums there are hundreds of unhappy people after getting the fix, and they have my sympathy, I would be angry fit to commit murder. But Im wondering if as VW say the vast majority of cars are fine after the fix, half a million cars fixed with only 3500 complaints. Do we only hear from the unfortunate minority? If your happy let us know it please.

I would particularly like to know of any cars using AdBlue that have been fixed, some Passats, Sharans and possiblt some Tiguans. If my understanding is correct these cars have a good chance of comming out of it unscathed because the AdBlue on its own is capable of reducing NOx by 90%

If you have had it please post it.

VW Diesel Fix- any thumbs up - RT

Do any VW models already fitted with Adblue need any "fix" for Europe? I know they do in America but things are different there.

My understanding of the general "dieselgate" saga is that VW declined to fit Adblue systems to most models and sought to save money by "cheating"

VW Diesel Fix- any thumbs up - Stanb Sevento

My Sharan uses it RT and it was buiit mid August 2014 ( 64 plate ) but whither earlier versions use it I dont know. The service advison at the dealers mentioned that some of the later Tiguans use it and there is a YouTube video showing how to refill a Passat thats dated before the EURO6 came in. Piecing it together.

The fix only came out in early February 2016 and the letter says a injector damper will be fitted and the car will use more fluid, I heard the damper is because they increase the fuel pressue at the injectors.These cars have all the hardware for EURO 6 but are still EURO 5.

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