Ford Fiesta - Fiesta 1.4 TDCI post-injector fix issues - Alwales606


I have had a number of issues lately with the injectors and EGR valve which have been looked at and resolved to some extent and to a lot of cost. However, recently the Engine System Fault light comes on when the car is cold and limits the performance but it will allow me to change up through the gears slowly and within 10 mins or so the car drives lovely. When stationary however I sometimes can feel the engine chugging slightly and some fumes are noticeable when in the lower gears. In general though, once warm the car drives well but I do need to resolve these issues. Have paid out lots to get the injectors, seals and EGR issues sorted so am really reluctant to spend much more. The car is an 07 plate and has only done 49k.

Any help / advice appreciated


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