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I am new here so I'm sorry if I have repeated another post. I have searched for a topic related to this but can’t find one. I’m realy hoping someone can help.

Myself and my wife have two cars, both on PCP finance that we are trading in this week for a new Renault Kadjar. Both cars had a little negative equity but the dealer has rolled that into the deal. So two part exchanges for one.

However, since agreeing the deal three weeks ago the settlements for our current cars have come down by a total of £500. I asked the dealer to adjust the new monthly payment accordingly but they have refused saying they will simply adjust the price of the part exchanges to match the new settlement figures.

Is this fair? To me I should be seeing the benefit of that settlement reduction, not the dealer.

Please can someone advise? Thank you in advance.


Renault Kadjar - Part exchange settlements - Avant

I would imagine that the salesman has factored that into the deal that he offered, as every PCP's settlement figure goes down each month, roughly parallel to the loss of value of each car. He will have known how many payments you're due to make until the date when the Kadjar is ready for delivery.

Renault Kadjar - Part exchange settlements - Ken1979

Many thanks for your reply.

We have come to a sort of argreement so reasonably happy.

Thank you.

Renault Kadjar - Part exchange settlements - SLO76
It's a messy deal with two part exchanges both with negative equity but if we took a part ex and the customer made a further payment on it which then brought the settlement figure down then yes of course it would be returned to the customer through the deal. It's madness to think otherwise. They can't change the valuation on your part ex because of it. A deal was done and that is that.

On the order form it'll show the price of the new car minus the trade in then the settlement figure for said trade in. You must know what you were offered for the part exchanged and this figure should not change. Tell the dealer you expect them to stand on the origional offer or the deal's off. I'm assuming you have a copy of the original order form with all the figures on it?

I don't know whether the dealer is at it or you're confused by the complexity of this deal.
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Agreed. If you have an order form it should show the p/x valuation. Why would that change according to wwhether you have made a payment and reduced the settlement figure. The £500 is yours.


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