All credit to VW - SLO76
Had the pleasure of taking our Polo 1.2 TDI in for a service, timing belt and water pump at our local main dealer this morning. Quick walk round with the service receptionist to show any body damage before they took possession and the flaking paint on the poorly painted rear bumper was duly noted. I bought the car cheap, it had been leased to the NHS but the keeper obviously had parking related issues but otherwise it was a full dealer history low miler for £1,500 less than dealer money.

Anyway, I received a call from same receptionist later on to tell me that the car was ready and that they had stripped down and cleaned the rear brakes free of charge after my report of a sticking handbrake which was nice of them considering I'd negotiated £60 discount on the job in the first place to match a quote from a local backstreet Joe. They really are top notch and much brand loyalty is dependent on good service from dealers.

Then she tells me that there's been a problem, a bollard sneaked up from behind while the valeter was moving the car scratching the already flaky paint on the bumper and they want to keep the car to properly paint the bumper I was just about to have done myself. Result! Am I the first person to have his car bumped by their garage who's delighted by it? Poor guy was much relieved by my response.

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All credit to VW - Avant

Would you like to tell us who the local main dealer is? Could be useful for anyone in your part of the world. And they could perhaps go in the Good Garage Guide if you really rate them.

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All credit to VW - SLO76
Happy to give credit where it's due.

Ingram VW Ayr come on down.

Spot on service, reasonable cost and a spotless car or van returned to me every time. Several out of warranty goodwill gestures successfully claimed from VW on my behalf an added cherry on the cake.

Willing to discount if you get a cheaper quote from one of the two VAG specialists nearby too, well worth a couple of calls.

I've every confidence their paintwork will be up to scratch too, if you pardon the pun...

I don't work for them btw and never have.

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All credit to VW - daveyK_UK

Shame its in Ayr and not in Cambridge

The VW around here have a poor reputation, although not as poor as all but one of the Seat dealers.

Skoda dealers seem to be alot better.

All credit to VW - SLO76
These guys also have Seat, Skoda and Hyundai. Need more like them with a longterm attitude to customers instead of the all too common fleece them for all you can get today attitude.

They also bought a small local dealer to sell their trade in stock that's too old/high in the miles to meet approved used standards. It's a great source of reasonably priced used cars down to around £2.5k, all of which have been part exchanged at other branches. They don't buy in stock for this site at all.

I've tried a couple of times to get them to trade their sub £2k stock to me but they just won't deal with traders thanks to past bad experiences sadly. Shame as they seem to get a lot of trade from elderly well to do buyers often trading in excellent older stock that is too old for them to retail.

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