Ford Mondeo H/B 2.0ltr.D (2005) - New Tyres - John N

Need some new tyres for a Mondeo 2.0ltr. D. 205/55 R16 91V.

I've had several sets of Bridgestone A001 all weather (various vehicles) but these are getting a bit dated. They seem O.K. to me and quite happy to fall back on another set.

But there so much information out there that I'm more confused than ever! What else should I consider? Prefer a premium product (but would look at a good mid range) as I'm hoping to pass the car down to our son.

Any personal reccomendations? The new Goodyear Vector 4 seasons G2 seems to do well in recent tests but is it worth upgrading too?

Ford Mondeo H/B 2.0ltr.D (2005) - New Tyres - S40 Man

Personally, having had a bad shunt in wet weather, I always go for A wet grip rated tyres.

I do 20,000 miles a year so A or B fuel economy also a big consideration.

I usually go for Goodyear efficient Grip performance, but the price of these at Kwik Fitt seems to have crept up recently (215/16) anyway.

Last week I got some pirellis A wet and A fuel for £95

They seem ok so far.

Ford Mondeo H/B 2.0ltr.D (2005) - New Tyres - Smileyman

I've been buying tyres at "Tyre Shopper" - fitting by National Tyres is included in the price, competative with Blackcircles. Or look at the German online retailers, they can deliver direct to a local fitting station (fitting charged locally)

Brand - Dunlop BluResponse the most recent selecton, good on fuel economy and price, 'A' rating in the wet but perhaps not the longest lasting tyre. (Note, it's a summer tyre). Will in time look at the CrossClimate from Michelin, dearer to buy, supposed to be good in the wet and to be longer lasting as well as with the added bonus of winter certification for snow.

Ford Mondeo H/B 2.0ltr.D (2005) - New Tyres - Steveieb

Really satisfied with the Hankook ecos fitted to my A4. They are so quiet and resiliant.And fitted as OE to MB and VW. And at a price roughly 75% of the top brands.

But which tyres will give better life?Are we back to Michelin? or Conti ?

Ford Mondeo H/B 2.0ltr.D (2005) - New Tyres - Miniman777
I ran a 53 plate Mondeo TDCi with Uniroyal Rainsport ((not rain expert) on front and they were very good with no aquaplaning lots of grip in wet. Replaced the original Bridgestones on the rear with them too when due.

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